All My Love And Devotion: A True Story

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They met at a dance in 1931, and six months later, on January 30, 1932, were married. I am speaking of my Nana and Pop, ... who for sixty years were not just married, but were in love. Rea

They met at a dance in 1931,Guest Posting and six months later, on January 30, 1932, were married. I am speaking of my Nana and Pop, (grandparents), who for sixty years were not just married, but were in love. Really IN LOVE.

I have chronicled their love through some very touching cards, (I found them in a box, tucked away with a lifetime of memories), that were shared between them before and after my father was born. Most are from my Grandfather to my Grandmother. He drove and worked and she was home so his ability to buy cards for her was greater.

Five years into their marriage they had a son.
Their love was as strong as ever...growing stronger with each passing day, month and year as you will see.

I was witness to their special love for thirty years of my life, and for four more after the passing of my "Pop" as I watched my Nana's heart slowly die of emptiness. She was literally, without her other half. If you believe in soul mates, they were soul mates in the truest sense.

I don't have every sentiment ever expressed between the two of them, (those are theirs alone), but was lucky enough to find a box of perfectly kept cards, beginning in the year 1932.

1932: A Valentine To My Wife
"I chose this loving Valentine especially for you,
Because it's meant for Someone Who means more than others do; and it simply says, "I Love You", but within that little phrase, is a message that will tell you That I'll care for you Always!"
Signed: To the loveliest girl in the world- And loveliest Valentine Always-
Love and Devotion, Hubby
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1935: To My Darling Sweetheart On Your Christmas Birthday
A Birthday Message To My Wife
"There's so much that's dear about you, There's so much that's sweet and fine, And so many special reasons- That I'm proud and glad you're mine -- It's no wonder that I love you so- And specially want to say - That I'm wishing happiness for you- With all my heart today."
Signed: To the dearest wife in the world. A few Birthdays have gone. I wish from my heart that we will spend a hundred more together. From Hubby

1947: With Love to My Wife on our Anniversary, You're Very Dear to Me
"I never knew what love could mean- Till the day that I met you- I never knew that life could hold-A happiness so true- And on this day that's ours alone- From all other days apart- I send my very deepest love- To you, my own Sweetheart"
Signed: This message expresses Everything. With all my Love and Devotion, Al.

1948: Mother's Day, To the greatest Mother in the World
To My Wife and Sweetheart For Mother's Day
"Perhaps you think that I don't know the countless things you do- To make our home the happy home I proudly share with you. But, believe me, Dear, I love you- As a Sweetheart and a Wife, And on Mother's Day I'm wishing you- The deepest joys in life!"
Signed: With all my Love and Devotion, For the Loveliest Mother and Wife in the World. - Hubby
1932 to 1954: (22 years married)
An Anniversary Greeting for the Dearest Wife in the World
"I cherish our Anniversary, Dear, Much more than you could guess...It stands for the day that brought me YOU And all my happiness! I treasure every memory, Dear, Still more as time goes by, And look to the happy future That we'll share, Dear, you and I!"
Signed: I just think it's wonderful. They have been all so lovely. With all my Love and Devotion, To my Sweetheart and Wife. Al.

1954: For My Wonderful Wife On Mother's Day
"Your love is a precious thing to me, A comfort in times of stress, The reason for all I ever do, My pride- and my happiness...And, Darling, on Mother's Day this year I feel as I always do: The sweetest gift that a man could know Is a wonderful Wife like you."
Signed: The greatest of them all. With my Love and Devotion. A million kisses. Hubby

1954: To My Husband on our 22nd Anniversary
To My Husband on Our Anniversary
"This Anniversary, Darling, Is especially dear to me, It stands for precious memories- And for happy years to be...It proves that love like ours Just deepens year by year, It makes me realize even more How much I love you, Dear!"
Signed: With all My Love and Kisses. I only hope we spend many more Happy Anniversary's together. Hon

1965: To My Loving Wife From Hubby, To Mom On Easter Sunday
Easter Greetings to my Wife
"You are the Keeper of My Heart."
"You are the keeper of my heart-- If all my dreams came true You are the one-- and you alone -- That I would bring them to; So may this Easter greeting, Dear, One thought alone impart -- You are, and you will always be- The keeper of my heart."
Signed: With all my Love and Devotion, With all Easter Wishes, Hubby (Over)
"Do you want a hammer and a peg? Or do you want an Easter Egg? Or do you want the sky to be blue or gray? So you and me can be so gay. On this Easter Day, O' mom, even if sky is not blue, I will always, forever and ever, love you!" Sonny (my father)

1964: To My Lovely Wife On Valentine's Day
"No one else in the world- Could ever even start- To fill the special place you do- Down deep within my heart, And I hope you will know somehow-What I too seldom say -- That I love you more and more- With every passing day."
Signed: To the Most! The nicest Valentine in the world - All my Love and Devotion. Hubby

1965: To My Lovely Wife On Our Anniversary
To My Wonderful WIFE On Our Anniversary
"With many loving greetings On the one day of the year- That will always be our very own - Our anniversary, Dear!"
Signed: Seventeen to make the Golden- I know it can be done, with the Loveliest girl in the world-
Love and Devotion - Hubby A million XXXXXX

1968: To My Wife on Christmas Day
A Christmas Message for my Wife, With all my Love
"What do I wish for you, the one Who means the most to me? I wish you a day that's as happy As a Christmas Day can be -- I hope that the year that's coming Is enjoyable from the start- And I'll tell you again that I love you - You'll always be first in my heart."
Signed: With all my Love and Devotion- Wishing you a Lovely Merry Christmas.

1969: For My Loving Wife On Valentine's Day
For My Wife With All My Love
"I have a year-round Valentine - She's thoughtful and she's sweet- Her love and understanding ways -
Have made my life complete. She's the reason for my happiness- The great joy of my life - I have a year-round Valentine...The girl who is my Wife."
Signed: Happy Valentine With all my Love and Devotion Hubby XXXXXX

1969: To My Lovely Wife, Mother and Grandmother Oh Mother's Day
To My Darling Wife With Love On Mother's Day
"First take a dash of golden sunshine, Then some bright blue skies, A pinch of springtime's softest breeze, And add some butterflies. Some daffodils, some crocus, too-- The first ones to appear-- A bluebird singing happy songs For everyone to hear, A dogwood on a mossy bank, Trees freshly decked in green-- Blend them all together for A lovely springtime scene. To; make this season perfect, Add an extra special touch-- And that's a darling wife like you, Who's loved so very much!"
Signed: With all My Love and Devotion- The card tells the rest- A million Kisses Hubby

1971:(They had a Dachshund, like I do now, and that explains this card).
Happy Valentine's Day Pop- Your Favorite Hound Dog, Rusty
"I may be nosey, but gee whiz--If you're not my Valentine-- WHO IS???"
Signed: Hi Pop. You are my favorite Valentine. Rusty, your favorite Hound Dog.

1971: To My Husband on Valentine's Day From Wifey
To My Wonderful Husband
"Please overlook the undarned socks, The toast I sometimes burn, The "new leaves" that I talk about, But seldom ever turn, Please overlook my temper, And the foolish things I do, But don't you dare overlook Just how much I LOVE YOU.
Signed: And I mean it! Hon-- Happy Valentine's Day, Loads of Love, Wifey XXXXX

There's a special place within my heart, That you alone can fill- Because I love you very much- and because I always will! Merry Christmas to the woman who makes my life complete!"
Signed: Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year
With All my Love and Devotion
A Million Hugs + Kisses Hubby


This is the last card I could find, and literally, the last card ever given from my Nana to my Pop before he died. He was 86, and she was 89. The road of love is long and full of curves, bumps, hills, ups and downs. As a team, no matter where the road lead or how bumpy or smooth it was, they made it. The road of true love is the only road that never, ever ends.

1995:(My Nana was 89 at the time she gave this to my Pop.) To My Hubby on Christmas Day, Wifey
"WHAT IS LOVE? Love is a touch-- tender with care- A meaningful look-- secrets to share-- Love is a mood-- laughter or tears-- Shared by two hearts-- attuned through the years. Love is a word-- that kindles a fire-- To give you the world-- and all you desire. Love is a faith-- that dreams will come true. Love is wonderful-- love, Dear, is you.
You alone are the one I love- The one I'm always thinking of, You alone will always be- The one who means the world to me.
Signed: To My Hubby at Christmas- Merry Christmas Hon + Happy New Year. Loads of Love, XXXXXXXXX, Your Loving Wife

This is dedicated to my Grandparents, Al and Ellen DuBois, who showed the world that if love is real and you take the time to show it, there is nothing more powerful or beautiful on this earth. Thank you for showing me a lifetime of Love.
© Ellen M. DuBois

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