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This article discusses jewelry, specifically rings and charms, associated with the Twilight series of books and movies. This jewelry is often seen on school and even college campuses nowadays.

The Twilight books and movies have set off a wave of enthusiasm among students in middle school,Guest Posting high school, and college. They love the powerful romance and atmosphere of the stories. Students show their love of Twilight in many ways, including in what they wear. Twilight shirts, backpacks, bags, and jewelry are abundant on most campuses. In fact, there may be more school spirit for Forks High School than for any other high school. Many students wear charms that say "FHS" for "Forks High School even if they attend a school with different initials, such as Central High School or Memorial High School.But in the world of Twilight charms, the FHS charms are overshadowed by many other charms, particularly "Team Edward" heart charms and wolf charms, which represent Jacob the werewolf. The "Team Edward" charms take the form of a heart, representing the profound romantic love between Bella and Edward. Of course, you can certainly wear both a heart and a wolf on your charm bracelet, to show that you like both Edward and Jacob.But there are many more options in Twilight charms than just a heart or a wolf. There is a depiction of Isle Esme, where Bella and Edward had their honeymoon. There is also a charm of a baby, representing Bella and Edward's newborn baby girl, Renesme. There is a jalopy truck, representing Bella's chief form of transportation and recalling the many heartfelt conversations that took place in that truck. There is also Jacob's motorcycle. You can also buy a Redwood tree, which symbolizes the Pacific Northwest, where most of Twilight takes place. And, of course, many important scenes in Twilight take place among the trees, including a romantic scene with Bella and Edward. A perfect accessory for your Twilight charm bracelet would be a Twilight ring, one inspired either by Bella's wedding ring or her engagement ring. There are some beautiful rings available from Internet vendors that replicate the Old World style of these rings in silver and gold tones. The quality is good and the prices are very reasonable. There is a large variety of Twilight jewelry available for purchase on the Internet. You can be sure to see some on most every school and college campus in the Western world if you're paying attention.

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