New problems arising in the operation process

Jul 4


jodie mht

jodie mht

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"Regulations" to define the school bus traffic of the three priority, and further on the basis of solicitation of refinements


The analysis showed that six of the school bus model has the following common points: (1) government-led; 2. Mainly in light of school bus; government operations all subsidies,New problems arising in the operation process Articles taxes, all relief. The difference is: 1. Funders. Government funded the purchase of vehicles; private individuals funded the purchase of vehicles; private companies to finance the purchase of the vehicle. (2) the operator of the subject. Professional school bus company operators; passenger operations; bus operations; the school is responsible for school bus operators.

In addition, Wuxi Mode "," Xuanzhou mode "," Wangcheng mode "," Xupu mode "are a useful exploration around the school bus operation mode. It is understood that went to the inspection of the pilot areas and "learn" the school bus around the person in charge of an endless stream. As Zhejiang Deqing County Board of Education Commission for Discipline Inspection Law Wing Cheong said, "a model not available in all regions around according to the reality, the rational choice school bus operation mode as a school bus pilot areas, we are very willing to work with other region to share experiences, explore new problems arising in the process of school bus operations. government should dare to innovate and practice, support and encouragement throughout and constantly explore new model of school bus operations. "

"Regulations" to define the school bus traffic of the three priority, and further on the basis of solicitation of refinement. Traffic congestion, to ease the school bus carrying students of the traffic police should command priority traffic; school bus carrying students in the bus lanes and other prohibited social vehicle traffic, but roads and allow passage of public transport vehicles; school bus in the same direction only a road of a motor vehicle stops, the rear of the vehicle should stop and wait, and not go beyond. "

"Ordinance" school bus carrying students to become a "privileged car" in the legal sense, but whether the school bus this "privilege" can actually "landing"  Jiang speak Zhuang Germany, Xi'an Jiaotong University Vice-Chancellor's concerns: "At this stage, the state school bus more and more attention, but also introduced a series of initiatives, but the safety of students, parents, and public awareness is still relatively backward. Regulate school bus the concept of the formation of a school bus. let comity to be a deep-rooted concept in the public mind. "Guangdong Province, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Secondary School Principals He Lin also think to solve the problem of school buses, money is not the most important, the most important concepts problem, the school car dvd and car dvd player for car bus placed in a position to consider. children's lives and safety more important than larger, put the safety of school buses in the height of the entire social livelihood of the people to think, judge, through an extensive publicity school bus safety awareness will be deeply rooted. "

A school bus safety regulations "can not solve all the problems of school bus safety. Other hand, the foreign school bus, but also in the experience of decades of continuous development and the school bus laws and regulations continue to refine the improvement process, before the formation of a relatively mature school bus order. Therefore, the formation of a good school bus culture requires a process. In this process, step up publicity to popularize the culture of the school bus, school bus safety awareness to strengthen universal essence is the question.