Valentine's Day - Should We Confine Love to One Day?

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Has Valentine's Day just become a game to get us to spend money on flowers, chocolates, gifts and cards? And, anyway, isn't love something we should show our loved ones all the year round?

Love is in air,Guest Posting romance is ruling everyone's mind and the markets are flooded with chocolates, cute stuffed toys, mushy greetings cards and other goodies with lovey-dovey messages. Yes, it's the day of lovers and friends, the day to express your love and affection to someone very special and to celebrate and spend time with someone who means the world to you - your beloved, your valentine!

Valentine's Day is here along with the season for cards, roses and chocolates. But sad is the fact that not many of us know its true importance and the reasons for the widespread celebration of this day. Today, it is just another excuse to celebrate, to exchange gifts and for the card and chocolate companies to make some quick money.

Youngsters view the day as the reason to go out on some extra-special dates, to propose to their crushes and to make some new girlfriends or boyfriends. But the very beauty and importance of the day has been lost in this commercialisation.

Valentine's Day has been connected to various stories. Legend links the day to a Roman priest, Valentine. It is believed that Emperor Claudius II forbade young men to marry as he felt that unwed men made stronger soldiers. Valentine disobeyed the emperor's orders and solemnised the marriage of the young couples. He was apprehended and the emperor condemned him to death. St Valentine suffered martyrdom on 14 February 270 AD and, ever since, Valentine's Day has been celebrated on 14 February.

Today, the meaning of the day might be confined to expressing love to your boyfriends or girlfriends but the day is made for you to express your feeling and warmth to all those for whom you care, anyone can be your valentine - a friend, a soul mate, your parents, your siblings or just about anyone who occupies an important place in your life. It is the day for sweethearts - be it your lover, fiancee, wife, husband, brother, sister or anyone with whom you share a special bond.

Different people feel differently about the hype that surrounds Valentine's Day. Some wonder why the expression of a special emotion should be confined to one single day. Love is like magic and the day it comes into your life, that day becomes even more special than Valentine's Day. There is not something that you can plan.

On the contrary, for a few, it is about keeping one day apart for the whole of society to come together to make their loved ones feel special and worthy. Valentine's Day celebrates all shades and spheres of love. It is the celebration of love of all kinds. Even if you are not in a relationship, you can celebrate the day with equal zest.

No matter what your age is or to what part of the world you belong to, if you value love, togetherness and heart-felt emotions, it is the day for you to celebrate. Besides the gifts, cards and lovely red roses, it is the day to lock some wonderful memories forever into your heart. It is about celebrating a special bond and to appreciate someone in a very unique and exclusive manner.

And just remember, feelings are beyond the fragrance of the flowers and the mesmerising words on a card. Someone's wallet does not measure the love he or she has for you.

Everyone has a different perception of the importance of Valentine's Day. If you truly love a person then the whole year is as special as Valentine's Day, say some people. But there are others who wait the whole year to say those three golden words to someone, "I love you."


For Laura, every moment that she spends with her loved one is special. She does not need a special day to express her love and gratitude to someone whom she holds too close to her heart, although she feels that Valentine's Day gives one another excuse to party or have a nice dinner with family and friends. You take time out from your hectic work schedule to spend some valuable moments with your loved ones. But that is where her definition of Valentine's Day ends.

Aryan has a similar opinion. According to him, love cannot be planned. It can happen any time, on any day, at any moment.

He does not think that it would become more special or everlasting if you express it on Valentine's Day. You might take the day as an opportunity to reassure someone of your love for him or her. It is just like any other day when you tell your sweetie how much he or she means to you.

For Jim and Stephanie, Valentine's Day has double importance. It is the day when the two of them got married 15 years ago. At that time, they were not even aware of such a day, so it is not very special one for the two of them.

There are some who believe in spreading love every day while, for others, Valentine's Day is as special and important as the other festivals we all celebrate. Some find stuffed toys that say, "I Love You" or "You are special" really cute while, for others, they are the most stupid things to gift someone. The perception of Valentine's Day is different for every individual. Valentine's Day is a day solely devoted to love, warmth, affection and togetherness. It is the day to raise a special toast to a relationship that means the world to you.

But, in recent times, it has just become another way for people to make money. It is kind of hurting to see the day and a beautiful emotion being measured and judged in terms of material presents. Probably this is the order of the day, as we see that even other festivals have become all about exchanging expensive gifts.

True love does not need a bouquet of a hundred roses or a sparkling diamond. It is more about the depth of your love for someone.

And for those friends, who do not have a valentine, don't pull a long face. You can indeed have loads of fun even if there is no one special in your life to whom you can dedicate this day.


Just go out for a party with all your single buddies and eat, drink, dance and make merry. No one says that you can't celebrate Valentine's Day if you don't have a date. And you never know, you may arrive back home with the one you were looking for.

So go out and explore. Plan a get-together of all your old buddies. Spend the day watching a movie and just hanging out with friends. And if you are feeling bad about the fact no one is there to shower gifts on you, just gift yourself. Buy some cool stuff for yourself.

Decorate your room with flowers, candles and pictures of the most memorable moments of your life. And if you are good with words, just go ahead and write something special to make the occasion special.

Just make yourself feel exclusive. Celebrate the day by pampering yourself and making your surroundings pleasant and beautiful.

Valentine's Day is not about confining love to one day or measuring the depth of someone's love and affection in material terms. It is just about devoting a day solely to all your loved ones.

It is like giving everyone a common platform to celebrate the happiness of being with someone, dedicating 24 hours to spread, express and celebrate love and the emotion that has the power to overshadow all realms of life.

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