Tell Tale Signs Of A Troubled Relationship

Sep 1


Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas

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Saving a losing relationship requires strategy and communication. When the below mentioned symptoms occurs, a relationship can slide into a frustrating love-hate relationship. However, better harmony together can be reached if you make the effort and time to work through the causes of these problems. Also we can learn more about ourselves in the process.


The coy glances,Tell Tale Signs Of A Troubled Relationship Articles the tender touch, the passionate embraces, the fun outings... it's always smooth sailing in the beginning. Then, inevitably the strong currents pick up and roughly toss the relationship around. The question is how to determine whether your relationship is safely docked or is perilously on the rocks? Read on for those tell-tales signs of trouble...

Ho-hum... whatever!

When your outfit no longer evokes a reaction from your partner, when your partner returns one in every five calls, it's time to hit the pause button. Indifference can slow poison a relationship, so next time your partner shrugs and says, "whatever" question their lack of interest.

Go with your gut

You know that queasy feeling that causes knots in your stomach and subconsciously warns you? Trust it completely. Never ignore your instincts. If you have a nagging doubt that something is amiss in your relationship and you're depressed, discuss it immediately with your partner. Don't procrastinate as your in-built gut radar is generally never wrong.

Human touch

Stress, fatigue and illnesses can all be deterrents for a healthy physical relationship. But when your partner makes up excuses for your advances all the time, it's a signal you mustn't ignore. It just may be that your partner is looking to move on.

Let's get physical

If the only physical touch involves violence, walk out pronto. An abusive relationship, be it mental or physical, can scar you for a long time. Nip it in the bud and don't make excuses to justify your partner's actions.

Mountains out of molehills

Take the cue when every little argument escalates into a full blown drama. Bickering is common in every relationship but when the frequency of the fights increase for no apparent reasons, be alert.

Disappearing act

When your partner doesn't have much time to talk or be with you occasionaly, it could be work. But when the Houdini acts get routine there's definitely a problem.

Me, myself and I

If everything in your relationship revolves around your partner and what he/she wants then you're stuck with one selfish soul! Be careful.


When your partner no longer wants to be with you, he/she will find ways of putting you down even though you're fulfiling every wish and demand. Don't let your self-esteem take a beating.


1. Clearly communicate how you feel

2. Avoid getting too clingy

3. Find a middle ground, commit to make the relationship work 4. Don't lose your confidence or your relationship will crumble 5. Be calm - your patience and effort will definitely win over the situation

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