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Whatever your choice may be, know your options and go with your creativity...

Wall candle holders lit the medieval castles for centuries. Its main function was for illumination and has revolved for rituals,Guest Posting religion and decorative purposes. A candlestick, chamber stick, wall candle holder and candelabrum are all holders for one or more candles. A wall candle holder is typically referred to as a wall sconce. The word sconce is a type of light fixture that is attached to a wall. It uses only the wall for support and the light is usually directed upwards. Each wall candle holder has a plate that is affixed to the wall. The candle is not close to the wall. When you light the flame you do not need to worry that you could start a fire.   Many candle holders use a friction type socket to keep the candle upright and straight. Candle holders use to be manufactured in the same locations as candles. Due to international trade that is no longer the case. This has combined the modern candle with existing candle holders. You might have to get creative at times with a knife or a piece of foil to keep the candle sturdy. There are many wall candle holders that fit a large variety of candle styles. The various styles of candle holders are complimented by a particular style of candle. They have candle holders that fit tea lights, votives, federals tapers and pillars. Pillars are the most common for wall candle holders. Wall candle holders are available for any decor imaginable. They have Modern, Contemporary, Victorian and Unique Designs. Some of the materials used to make wall candle holders are metal, wood, resin, crystal, brass, pewter, Tiffany glass and wrought iron. Throughout the long history of the candle, wrought iron wall candle holders have been the number one choice for those who could afford them. The consumer has many options. They can hold one or more candles and come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. A positive aspect is they keep counters and tables free of clutter. It is also out of reach for your pets and children. When hanging a wall candle holder allow enough space for surrounding art work, curtains and drapes. Always include in your measurement the height of the candle. You should use a wall anchor to make certain it is secured to the wall. You should also use hardware that is made specifically for heavy objects. Last, melt a little bit of the wax in the holder. This will help keep the candle firmly in place.The wall candle holder looks great with or without candlelight.  It adds a touch of elegance, romance, casualness and it exhumes a subtle warmth and drama when lit. When you add wall candle holders to your decor you will find that they add luxury and will create an atmosphere that will accent any room of your home.Barbara Tobiasz resides in the Chicago area and studied at the Art Institute. She has consulted and volunteered her services for many organizations with her creative expressions in the interior design field. Her hobbies include reading, taking long walks with her dog and working her magic turning ordinary rooms into creative works of art. For more information on Wall Candle Holders, go to: http://www.Wall-Decor-Concepts.com

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Barbara Tobiasz - For more information on Wall Candle Holders, go to: http://www.Wall-Decor-Concepts.com

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