Welsh Gold Jewellery And Traditional Wedding Customs

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Weddings are a happy time for family and friends to come together. It is the celebration of two families combining into one. When it comes to weddings,Guest Posting no matter what culture you look at there is plenty of festivity and customs steeped in tradition. Welsh weddings are no different from these traits. Below are some of the interesting wedding customs and traditions of Wales and the Welsh gold jewellery designs that represent them. Next time you go for a wedding you can gift the newly wedded couple with something that represents their Welsh heritage and tradition.

In Wales it was ancient custom for a suitor to display his love for a woman by carving a wooden love spoon. The wooden love spoon would have intricate symbols carved into it which represented the way he felt for her. Welsh Gold jewellery is offered in a variety of love spoon designs. There are earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings with the love spoon design made out of Welsh gold. You have a choice of selecting yellow and rose gold or silver and rose gold love spoon jewellery.

Another interesting Welsh custom is to kidnap the bride right before she’s about to get married. The groom and his family will look for her until she is found. It is believed that the first one who finds her will be soon to marry. To celebrate this Welsh wedding custom a great gift would be a garden key charm made out of yellow and rose Welsh gold. This key charm can represent the tradition of kidnapping the bride before the wedding. It can be attached to a charm bracelet or worn as a pendant around the neck.

According to Welsh tradition, the bride is supposed to have a bouquet which contains myrtle. The bride then gives a cutting of myrtle to each of her bridesmaids to include in their bouquets as they walk down the aisle. The bridesmaids are supposed to plant this myrtle after the wedding. It is believed that if the planted myrtle blooms the bridesmaid will be married soon. To symbolize this beautiful custom the Welsh gold meadow locket is a perfect gift to give. Many times the bride has to give some sort of jewellery to all her bridesmaids as a token of her friendship and the importance they have in her life. What can be more befitting than a meadow locket which has silver and rose gold encrusted flowers? The locket looks like a special bouquet in itself which can hang around each bridesmaid’s neck. The locket has a place inside to hold any special Welsh gold charm they feel like showcasing.   

The Welsh bride is also supposed to wear a pin which she attaches to her wedding gown. Once she is married she is supposed to remove the pin and throw it over her shoulder for good luck. There is a Welsh Gold daffodil pin brides can consider wearing, to perform this tradition on their wedding day. This daffodil pin is completely silver with the trumpet of the flower made out of rose gold. This is the perfect jewellery piece for a bride to wear on her wedding day. Welsh gold jewellery is a wonderful gift to give loved ones and family members for their wedding day.

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