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Handgun grips are one of the most essential tools in a shooter’s arsenal of weapons. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Handgun grips are one of the most essential tools in a shooter’s arsenal of weapons. Keep in mind that the shooter’s direct connection with his gun starts with its grip since the latter should be designed to provide the shooter maximum control over the recoil. The general rule is that the quicker the recovery from the recoil,Guest Posting the faster the next shots can be fired.

Of course, the shooter must also have a proper grip on the pistol. The proper grip is firm yet relaxed hold on the gun such that consistency is achieved with every trigger action.

From the discussion, we can conclude that better handgun grips translate to more shots fired in a lesser amount of time and more bulls’ eye hits. These aspects of shooting are highly desired by shooters for obvious reasons – scores are higher and skills are better.

But it is not just the physical part of the pistol grip that influences better shooting performance. The psychological aspect also comes into play in different ways.

You will observe that, once you master the basics of pistol shooting, it becomes more of a mental challenge than a physical activity. Your physical performance will be affected by your state of mind including your subjective thoughts about your pistol (i.e., its firing power).

If you have less confidence about your gun’s performance despite your excellent shooting skills, then you are more likely to perform below par. If you have more confidence in the way that the gun fits in your hand coupled with its firing power, then you are more likely to perform better – perhaps even your best.

As shallow as this may sound, even the aesthetics of your pistol and its grip can affect your performance. It is all in your mind that can then be translated to physical action. As a popular line goes, what your mind can conceive in the here and now, your body will achieve soon enough.

But not all pistil grips are created equal to all types of firearms. Your best bet is to go for a pistol grip that can be fitted to several types of firearms including M9 and M11, S&W MP9 and MP40, Crimson Trace, Glock 20 and Glock 34, and Sig 229. This way, you can get the best value for your money even with a single pistol grip in your possession.

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