What Will You Find in a Fine Art Gallery?

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Does our town have a fine art gallery? Have you ever stopped by, or wondered what was inside? Take a look at what constitutes fine art, and what to find in your local art gallery.

When I think of a fine art gallery,Guest Posting I generally think of very expensive pieces of art on display in a place where you dress nice, be quiet, and do not touch. But what really is a fine art gallery? And what can be found in one? I think the first question to answer though, is what constitutes fine art?

Fine art is created primarily for aesthetic reasons. It does not have an utilitarian or functional use, it is made to be enjoyed and shared with others. It is intended to be uplifting, thought provoking and life enhancing. It is comprised of both visual and performing arts and includes many things, from painting to sculpture to music and dance, as well as literature, theater and photography.

Basically, a fine art gallery displays, and sells, visual fine arts. If it does not sell the art, it is a fine art museum. Some galleries will specialize in certain types of art, such as contemporary or traditional art, or perhaps figurative art or folk art. The possibilities are endless. Others will offer a variety of styles to appeal to a more diverse clientele. It is not unusual to find a gallery that features artists and styles that appeal to the owner. After all, a gallery will do better at promoting an artist that they like.

If you are walking down town and see a fine art gallery, go ahead and step inside, even if you are just bumming around in a jeans and t-shirt. Though there may be a few exclusive galleries that will turn their nose up at you, most do not really care. It is best to visit a gallery when you are not in a rush, then you can take your time and enjoy each piece of art. Feel free to ask questions of the curator, that is main reason she is there: to inform you about the piece of art, the styles and the artists. The more information that you have, the better chance that you will make a purchase. You may think you are just looking, but the art is for sale. And who knows? You may find a piece that you cannot live without. And having an original piece of art in your home or office feels good, it feels special, much better than replicas that you can find anywhere. Can't afford it? Well, many galleries offer lay-a-way, others may finance, you just never know until you ask.

There is a fine art gallery that I like to visit, and in that gallery there are two or three artists whose work I really like. If you find yourself in a similar situation, check with the curator for special events. Many galleries have special evenings featuring their artists, and an opportunity to meet an artist whose work you admire should not be missed. It will bring more meaning and appreciation to their work (which, of course, will make you want to own one of their pieces ever more!). However, it you plan to attend an event, find out if there is a dress code and plan accordingly.

So, a fine art gallery features and sells art that is created for aesthetic reasons. If you find a piece that you really like, you can buy it. And, a gallery can feature a wide range of artists, styles, and types of art. They are a great place to spend a rainy afternoon!

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