When to Use a Negative Air Machine Rental, and Why

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Negative air machines are a low-cost way to help control air quality. Here are a few instances where they are handy, and why you may need to rent instead of purchasing.

To ensure the safety of people in spaces with dangerous air,Guest Posting there is technology available! One of the more popular options is a negative air machine. It’s a specialized type of HVAC equipment that helps drag air out of a space so that clean air can replace it. Think of it like the opposite of a fan. Instead of pushing air into a space, it pulls it out, leaving a void to be filled by clean air.

Since these devices can be quite expensive, many companies rely on negative air machine rental companies to get the devices they need. It’s the perfect way to have the HVAC equipment required to keep air clean and people safe without a substantial initial investment.

Negative air machine rentals happen in several different situations. Here are the top three.

Asbestos Remediation

Asbestos abatement is the process of removing asbestos from a building. Once heralded as a miracle fireproofing material, it has since been linked to a number of health issues for people who are exposed to it in its airborne form.

To combat these health issues and ensure health and safety compliance in buildings, an entire industry of asbestos abatement, or removal and containment, has formed. These experts can remove the substance and replace it with a different form of insulation that can aid in fireproofing without exposing people to long term health complications.

A negative air machine can help during the process, pulling air with asbestos particles out of a space where it’s being removed and into another area where it can be safely collected or dispersed.

Mold Abatement

Like the issue with asbestos, mold in walls and buildings has been connected to several health issues, both short-term and long term. Mold removal experts often rely on a combination of personal protective equipment and HVAC solutions like negative air machines, to keep a space safe while removing mold.

A negative air machine can keep people safe and act as an extra layer of protection, it can also help in buildings where people occupy one section of it while the other is having mold removed, ensuring that the dangerous mold doesn’t get redistributed through the building’s own vents.

Temporary Construction Sites

Temporary construction sites come in all shapes and sizes. Some are in existing buildings; others are underground and in enclosed spaces. But for each one that’s not outdoors and has potentially harmful particles in the air, a negative air machine rental will help.

Since temporary construction sites are just that, temporary, the financial commitment of purchasing a negative air machine may not make sense. In those instances, a rental company that specializes in HVAC equipment, including air scrubbers and negative air machines, can be an excellent solution.


Whether you are dealing with asbestos, mold, temporary dust issues or contaminated air, a negative air machine rental is the cost-effective way to make a space safer. If you need one of these machines, make sure you connect with a dedicated, professional HVAC equipment rental outfit. These experts can help you get the equipment you need to keep the air clean and safe for your team or building occupants.

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