When to Use Non-Destructive Excavation Services

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For completing an excavation project, bringing in heavy equipment may not always be the best solution. Generally, non-destructive excavation is a recommended option.


Also known as hydro-vac vacuum excavation,Guest Posting this method completes a digging project using water's power. It is non-destructive, safe, and very efficient. By using state-of-the-art equipment, non-destructive excavation services use this process to get the job done in a timely manner.

What is Non-Destructive Excavation?

The hydro-vac vacuum excavation method involves inserting a wand or pipe in the ground where the excavation is required to take place. Then, powerful pressurized water is released via the pipe, which softens the soil. Finally, a collection hose is used to vacuum the water and soil mix and store it in a tank attached to a truck. The process offers several key advantages as opposed to traditional excavation.

Advantages of Non-Destructive Excavation

Non-destructive excavation is a safe process that can get the job done much faster with minimal disruption to your property. Following are its key advantages:

• Speed of Work: Your excavation project will be finished much faster when you choose non-destructive excavation services. With this method, you won't have to rely on the speed of workers excavating or the heavy equipment working correctly. With hydro-vac, digging is completed very quickly when water powers through the soil.

• Preserves Utilities: When using heavy equipment or shovels to excavate the area, you must be extra cautious near buried utilities. One mistake during the digging process can crack or break an electrical line, water pipe, or gas line. This is not an issue with the non-destructive excavation method.

• Safety: For workers on a job who must operate heavy machinery or excavate extensively, there is an increased risk of injury. Not only could they be physically injured by constant digging, but the injury is also possible if a worker comes into contact with an electrical line. By implementing the non-destructive excavation process, workers aren't required to complete intense manual labour. The pressurized vacuum and water handle the workload.

When to Use Non-Destructive Excavation Services

Non-destructive excavation services are an excellent option in many excavation projects. If you need to dig a test hole to locate utility lines before starting a project, then this process is ideal as it is easy and quick. Even if you locate a utility line, the non-destructive excavation process won't cause any damage.

Installing underground utilities like cables or pipes is also an excellent reason to use non-destructive services. For example, you can create slim lines and avoid affecting other current utilities.

Cold weather excavation is challenging because of the frozen ground. However, with non-destructive services, you can run hot water through the pipe to quickly soften the soil and make the excavation process more manageable.

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In conclusion, non-destructive excavation is a time-efficient technique that is suitable for a variety of digging projects. However, if you are not sure whether this process will be helpful for your specific project, don't hesitate to consult a non-destructive excavation services company in your area.

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