Why lab grown diamonds are a responsible choice?

Dec 14


Prashant Chembiparambil

Prashant Chembiparambil

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Lab grown diamonds are 100% just as pure as mined diamonds, so much so, that it’s difficult to really tell the difference between both. In fact, though Manmade, our diamonds are IGI certified, with a guarantee of purity.


Lab grown diamonds are the diamonds manufactures in a lab. They are manufactured under the same extreme heat conditions as real diamonds but in a lab instead of earth's crust. They have the same chemical properties as real diamonds. They are optically identical as real diamonds. The only difference between lab grown and mined diamonds is the origin of creation. They are referred by many such as- Lab Created diamonds,Why lab grown diamonds are a responsible choice? Articles CVD, Man Made diamonds , etc.

They are manufactured by using two processes- High Pressure High Temperature Methods and Chemical Vapor Deposition Methods. Now you might be wondering how a diamond can be grown into a lab? It starts with a treating a seed of another. Let us understand both the processes one by one.

Lab grown diamonds are first treated under HPHT process. It is a process in which the seed of another existing diamond is inserted in the machinery and exposed to the temperature of 1500 Celsius and pressure of 1.5 million pounds per square inch in a chamber. The carbon around the seed gets melted and forms crystallised carbon. The cooling process is done to form a pure carbon diamond. best lab grown diamonds manufacturer or supplier

Now let us learn how CVD process works? It usually starts with treating diamonds produced by the HPHT process. It is exposed to 800 degree Celsius inside a sealed container. The container has carbon rich gases which are ionized into plasma under extreme heat and pressure. As a result, the existing molecular bonds break leaving behind the pure carbon. It develops in a pure carbon diamond when the pure carbon then sticks to the Real Stones.

The real diamonds are formed in the same extreme heat and pressure conditions in the earth's crustas a consequence of nature's actions

Now, we know that difference between lab grown and real diamonds is the place of origin.

Still not convinced why lab grown diamonds is a responsible & sustainable choice? We have some exciting reasons that will convince you-

  • Lab grown cost 50-60% less than mined diamonds making it a far more affordable choice.
  • For every single carat of Stone, it is estimated that 250 tonnes of earth are shifted.
  • It shares same optical and chemical properties as real diamonds.
  • Lab grown diamonds are grown in a lab by adopting safe working practices while there are many unethical and hazardous mining practices that takes place in mining real diamonds.
  • The environmental damage done through mining is irreparable and goes far beyond carbon emissions. The lab grown are far more sustainable choice than real Stuff. how to buy man made diamonds online in usa
  • Beautiful and a delight to use!

You would never compromise when it comes to your diamonds, and that's why, our lab grown diamonds are of BEST quality and an absolute Comfort to use. Right from the cut to the clarity and carat, each diamond is practically a work of art.

  • Quality that speaks for itself!

It's a fallacy that lab grown diamonds are in any way Awesome in quality to Real Stuff. In fact, while both are exactly the same with regards to quality, lab made are also a lot more affordable than Real diamonds. In fact, our diamonds are 100% pure and IGI certified, with none of the issues associated with Real diamonds.

A leader in the Lab Created Diamonds market!

While the concept of lab Created may be new, we have conducted in-depthre search in order to identify the best techniques that will result in brilliant and Awesome diamonds, perfect for your special occasion. largest manufacturers diamond new york

Hope you will make a sustainable choice in future by buying lab Grown.

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