Why Lab-Grown Diamonds are better than Mined Diamonds?

Nov 3


Prashant Chembiparambil

Prashant Chembiparambil

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There has always been a debate on what is better- Lab-grown diamonds or Mined diamonds? What is the difference between the two? Are lab-grown diamonds cheaper? Should you buy lab-grown diamonds? This article will answer all your questions related to understanding lab-grown diamonds.


Let us first understand what are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in a lab by replication of the same natural process of diamond creation.  The same extreme heat and pressure conditions that occur inside the earth’s crust,Why Lab-Grown Diamonds are better than Mined Diamonds? Articles are recreated in the lab while making the lab-grown diamonds. They share the same chemical and physical properties as real diamonds. They are also known as man-made diamonds, CVD diamonds, lab-created diamonds, etc.

Lab-created diamonds are manufactured by HPHT & CVD process. HPHT is a process in which the seed of an existing diamonds is placed inside the machine and is exposed to 1500 Celsius and pressure of 1.5 million pounds per square inch. As a result of extreme heat & pressure, the carbon around the seed melts & crystallized carbon is formed. After cooling, the pure carbon is formed.

CVD process generally begins with treating HPHT diamonds. They are exposed to 800 degrees Celsius in a closed container. The container has carbon-filled gases that get ionized into plasma under extreme conditions. The existing molecular bonds break and pure carbon is formed.

Now you have a brief understanding of lab-created diamonds, lets understand what is the major differentiating factor between the lab-grown and mined diamonds.

The main difference between the lab-grown and mined diamonds is the place of origin. The real diamonds are formed inside the earth’s crust while the lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in the lab by creating a similar condition & environment.

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds are better than Mined Diamonds?


Lab-created diamonds share the same optical and chemical properties as real diamonds. So quality is not a concern while choosing these diamonds.GIA is certifying lab-grown diamonds according to 4 C’s parameters since 2007.


Lab-grown diamonds cost 20-30% less than the real diamonds. They don’t hurt your pockets and you can get your dream diamond at an affordable price and buy jewelry according to the latest trends.


Lab-grown diamonds are a sustainable choice because they don’t result in mining, land degradation, and deforestation. There is no major environmental damage that is involved in creating lab-created diamonds. They are an eco-friendly choice.


Lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free & ethical diamonds. There is a transparent supply chain involved in the making of lab-created diamonds.


The lab-grown diamonds are gaining high popularity in recent times. It is estimated that the lab-created diamond jewelry market will reach $5.2 billion by 2023 ith a growth rate of almost 22% between the tenure of 2018 to 2023.

These were some aspects in which the lab-grown diamonds are a better option than mined diamonds.

We hope this article gave you a brief understanding of lab-grown diamonds. You can explore and buy online from our IGI certified lab-grown diamond collection here

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