Horse Rugs - Why Are They Needed?

Jun 1


Tomas Jonsson

Tomas Jonsson

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What kind of horse rugs are there? Why are they needed? Learn the answer to these questions, and discover why horse rugs are a vital part in the everyday care of most horses.


Horse blankets - or as I prefer to call them,Horse Rugs - Why Are They Needed? Articles horse rugs - play a vital role to the serious horse owner. They serve a number of functions and are therefore manufactured in a few different models, each one with a specific purpose.

To protect the horse from harsh weather, a so-called turnout rug is used. It has an outer surface that is waterproof, while the lining or insulation consists of different materials depending on the specific climate. This type of rug is very commonly used all around the world.   

fly sheet is designed to protect the horse from flies and other insects, but could also be used for protection against UV-radiation. Since it is used in the warm season it must be made of thin materials. 

Anti-sweat sheets are designed to absorb sweat, and are therefore perfect to use after training or competition. Be sure to remove it once the horse is dry.

If you want your horse to be clean and warm inside a cold stable, a stable rug could be the solution. 

Less common then the above mentioned rugs are the quarter sheets. They are placed under the saddle and cover the back all the way to the hip, and are intended to prevent cold and stiff muscles. Could, for example, be used when warming up for show jumping or horse racing.

As you might have guessed, the whole meaning of horse rugs is to keep your horse warm and dry. Not only is this more comfortable for the horse, but it also reduces the risk of catching a cold or being injured. Make sure the rug fits your horse before buying it, because an ill-fitted rug can cause both skin irritations and infections, as well as causing the horse to fall and injure itself.  

If you have more than one horse, I strongly recommend that each horse has its own rugs, even though it costs more money. Why? Because skin infections can spread through rugs that are shared between horses, and if this indeed happens, it can cost a lot of money before the infection is eradicated; more than the cost of multiple horse rugs. 

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