Rescue Chihuahua: Is It For You?

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They maybe abandoned dogs but they are not problematic dogs...

When we say Chihuahua rescue,Guest Posting the first thing that comes into our minds is a pitiful dog abandoned because of sickness, behavior problem or old age. But that is not the truth. Dogs in a rescue are not necessarily problem dogs. Some of them were abandoned because of their owner's incapability to provide proper care, either they can not afford to procure the dog's needs or they find the breed unfit to their way of living.

Nevertheless, there are more reasons why a rescue Chihuahua can still be a good household pet. Most dogs in the rescue are older dogs and are already housebroken so you will never have to go through ardurous task of housebreaking. They will less likely commit accidents and the possibility of you cleaning their dirt and urine stain is minimal.

When they are turned over to the rescue, the rescue staff gathers as much information as possible from the previous owner. This information includes the temperament, whether its good with children or other dogs and animals, how much it barks and other important information. Most of them are already vaccinated so you will never have to worry about the vaccination procedure and the possible side effects of it to the dog.

Some people think that rescue dogs are turned over to ther rescue because they are sick or are already very old and dying. Another wrong connotation I must say! Why? Dogs in the rescue are older but not very old. They usually range from one to three years of age.

The rescue don't just give out Chihuahuas just like giving out of freebies or food samples in the grocery stores. Before anyone can get a rescue, they make sure you can provide proper care for the Chihuahua. Dogs at a rescue may sometimes need medical services, so they will make sure that you are aware of that and you are willing to provide care the best way you can.

While it is true that the rescue shelter requires adoption fee, it is not true however that they are doing it for a profit. The fee is to cover up the expenses spent for the dog while in the shelter. Whether it's spent for the basic needs or the medical needs, the rescue shelter has the right to require adoption fee so that they can continue helping more abandoned dogs. They earn their money to take care of their animals through donations and adoption fees.

Getting a rescue dog will not only benefit you. Rescue shelters can accommodate limited number of dogs. By getting a dog from the rescue, you help the community by freeing one space for another dog that needs the care of the rescue shelter. Thus you help minimize the number of stray dogs in the community. You will also save the dog from possible death on the pound.

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