Using Pond Dye? Is it Good or Bad!

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Each pond owner should be aware about pond dyes and it's advantages for the water feature. Pond dye gives a background to pond water and landscape and also help fish to hide away from predators.

Every pond owner is aware about pond dyes. Pond dye is same as food colouring. You can choose the colour for your pond or lake in which you want shade them. Pond dyes not only give shade to your pond,Guest Posting but it also protects the growth of algae. With these benefits, dyes have some disadvantages as well like it can stain your hands or cloths etc.

Pond dyes are less expensive in comparison to other pond treatments, they are easy to use and easy to apply. Pond dyes should be used in early spring for good results like control of algae of pond weed growth. Before deciding whether using a pond dye in your pond is good or bad, have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of using it.

Why to use Pond Dye?

Most of the people have doubts about the safe part of dyes, so let me tell you that the pond dyes are made of food grade therefore they are safe for pond and aquatic animals as well. The best thing about pond dyes is that they make your pond look beautiful and enhances its natural beauty and appearance. Dyes also help to control the growth of unpleasant algae and pond weed. Dyed water helps to hide your fish from predators as they are not able to see your fish in shaded and dark coloured water. Not only this, but dyes block the sunlight to penetrate deep in the water, which helps to keep your fish and water a bit cooler on sunny days. Pond dyes are available in many colours these days like blue, black, red, orange also fluorescent pond dyes can be purchased online. So, now you know that using pond dyes have many advantages.

Why not to use Pond Dye?

The most irritating thing with pond dyes is that they stain your hands and clothes if you are not careful while using them. If you don’t wear gloves while using it then it will definitely stain your hands, also be careful on windy days. Avoid using the pond dyes on windy days because it can colour your clothes or even face! Pond dyes don’t stop the growth of algae or pond weeds, they just reduce algae growth a bit, so you need to use another chemical treatment to stop their growth in your pond. You need to reapply dyes in your pond every time after rain which will increase your expenses. Not all dyes can help to hide your fish like yellow dye. It cannot hide your fish from predators, so try some other ways to keep them safe. Pond dyes are good for a small or decorative pond to create an appealing view, but not for large ponds or lakes as it will become very expensive to purchase a large amount of dye and it will be hectic to put it in such a vast area.

Above you have read the pros and cons of using a pond dye. These are useful in many ways and harmful in many ways. The usage of pond dyes can be beautiful, but messy at the same time. So, it’s for you to decide that, you want to use the pond dyes or not.

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