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Leaving a dog at home is sometimes necessary .Try and make it easier for the dog and also yourself.!


Life for us all seems to be getting busier and busier and all of us are trying to pack more into each day. Despite our hectic schedules we still find time to be dog owners and with the way things are now I would say that adaptability is key!

If your dog has to spend time at home alone then its important to ensure he is happy and contented and will stay that way until you get home.

I know that many of us have to leave our dogs alone for periods but I honestly feel that a dog should not be left longer than 4 hours. So if you have to leave him what is the best way to do it.

Its easier on your dog if the household has a routine,Guest Posting it makes things smoother both for them and for us. With routine the dog will feel more secure as he knows what is happening.

If you are going to leave your dog alone try and exercise him first if possible.

30 minutes of exercise will get rid of that excess energy and will leave him more settled when you leave. If you find 30 minutes too long then any kind of free running for at least 10 minutes is better than nothing at all. You can also do obedience training for 10 minutes as this will mentally tire him as well.

Make sure you give him a small meal in the morning and larger meal at night. They tend to sleep after a large meal.

Where is the best place to leave him ?

This depends on his age and your ability to provide a safe environment.

Dogs left at night are fine as it is quiet and dark with few noises but during the day there are people around and noises and that in itself can raise problems like barking.

When it comes to puppies the stress of constantly being left can cause long term psychological damage where it may be hard to reinstate a rational approach to life later.

Dog owners increasingly use cages to contain dogs. I am not a fan of these but if you have a small dog you need to leave for a max of 4 hours and you have to leave him in the house then this may be the better option. Make sure you do not associate the cage with a negative scenario. Try to have the dog go in the cage when you are there and when he feels happy and content. Leave him for short periods and gradually extend the time.

Do not associate the cage with you going out.

If you are using a kennel make sure you position it near a part of the house where there is not a lot of stimulation from things that he can see or hear. His kennel should be a quiet place where he feels secure and is not warding off unexpected visitors.

A radio out of reach is good company for a dog and possibly on a talking channel with the voices not too loud. Voices can calm a dog and also prevent him from being startled.

Also leave him a nice chewy bone or some toy to play with. Dogs always tend to go to sleep after having a good chew

In the final analysis I personally believe that you cannot expect a dog to stay alone all day .Even if you have a neighbour to call in to let him out, it is in my mind just not enough. A dog pining to get out to relieve himself or suffering from loneliness is one that will have behavioural problems down the line. If you are going to be away for a few days each week then maybe consider a dog walking service. Although not ideal it is better than being on his own.

There is a fine line between a dog that copes and one that does not so when it comes to getting a dog really think hard about your lifestyle and how important it is to select a breed that will fit in.

I think that nowadays it is very difficult for people to be with their dogs 24/7, but working and dog ownership can be successful provided you realize that there are sacrifices to be made and ensure the time you spend with your dogs is well used!

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If you have to leave your dog at home,there are ways to make is easier

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