A Day Without Illigal Immigrants

May 7


Robert Rhodes

Robert Rhodes

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How did May 1st affect the state of Hawaii? We had a party, of course! Why? What else happened?


So it was a day without illegal immigrants.

What? Ain’t what you heard on the Tee Vee? You say that the main stream media is reporting on a “Day without Immigrants?”

Well,A Day Without Illigal Immigrants Articles imagine that. The MSM forgetting to use the keyword “illegal.” Ha! You’d think that they had a left wing liberal agenda or something. Surely, that can’t be the case.

You know what happened here on the island of Oahu in Hawaii today, on this “Day Without Illegal Immigrants?”

We celebrated Lei Day. Parties. Food. Drink. Music.

Tourists came in, bought food, watched the shows in Waikiki, and had a fine time here in Paradise. The sun was out, and people were soaking it up. Surf was a little flat on the South Shore, but that didn’t stop locals and tourists alike from enjoying the water.

People went to work, went to play, and some just went to get out of the house.

Me? I did a little work on the computer: wrote up a couple of columns [including this one now], and finished drafts of a couple of video ads for my other project/life (alohamagazine.com).

What didn’t happen here?

The state didn’t stop running. Retail shops didn’t stop selling. The engine that is the tourist industry did not stall, but instead kept on rolling, all day long.

A day without illegal immigrants came.. and went.. and nobody noticed a thing.

Thinking perhaps that it’s just me? Hey, I thought so, too. So, I checked the local papers online: the Honolulu Star Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser:

Not a single remark even ABOUT the day’s events concerning boycotts and walkouts of business by illegal immigrants.

For us here on the island - and in the state of Hawaii - the day without immigrants had no effect. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Nationally syndicated talk show host Michael Reagan, stationed in California, said it best when he said that he’d rather pay someone an extra Fifty Cents an hour if it meant keeping Los Angeles illegal immigrants off of the streets, because it was a quick, easy commute to work in downtown LA.

Methinks this day has backfired on the people that were thinking that they could cripple the United States by not going to work today.

A day without illegal immigrants? Shoot, let’s go for a week. A month. A YEAR. The United States is strong, and filled with people that believe in this country. They fly the AMERICAN Flag, and can sing The Star Spangled Banner in ENGLISH.

The citizens of this country, including LEGAL immigrants, should be downright angry because of the threat coming from these illegal immigration rallies. Trying to force the United States to give them amnesty, or “we’ll shut your country down.”

Well the heck with them, the heck with their rallies, and the heck with their services! Lets pay a little extra to these jobs that supposedly Americans won’t do, and then we’ll see how many LEGAL American Citizens apply for those jobs.

Come on, America: Don’t let a bunch of criminals push you around!


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