Current Political Situation of Pakistan

Jan 15


rahat shah

rahat shah

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Current Political situation in Pakistan To write about the current Poltical situation of Pakistan we must need to study the whole history of Pakistan I am going to write detail note on poli...





Current Political situation in Pakistan 

To write about the current Poltical situation of Pakistan we must need to study the whole history of Pakistan I am going to write detail note on political history of Pakistan which will help to understand the current situation of political system. Being a student of mass communication we have seen that still now Pakistan is in bad condition while it came into being in 1947. There are some neighbor countries which have came same time or after us but they have now considering one the developed country as like china and India. China came into being after one year but now the china is second super power after America because they have good governance,Current Political Situation of Pakistan Articles and the nation has good understanding to change himself according to condition they are hard working there is no corruption as like Pakistan. Pakistan political system is broken one there is no good system every one leader think about his family not for the sake of nation. There are two parties which completely occupied Pakistan one is Pakistan people party (PPP) and another one is Pakistan Muslim league Noon, (PMLN). They both have came into being in government many time but they did not work for the sake of whole Pakistani nation if they did just for only one city or one person. PPP which first leader was batho it was  a good person as compare to other party leader but it was killed and after it Bena zeer became the chair person of PPP, but they were also killed, after this the PPP loose his value due to corrupt  leader as like Zardari according to Pakistani nation . Pakistan people party agenda is “Food, Cloths, Residence “but after Beena zeer butho the party have ignored this basic right of Pakistani nation. So when 2013 the Nawaz shareef being sowed as a Prime minister of Pakistan then one another party came into front and said that election was won by chatting it was not fair election it was the report of chair person of Pakistan Tahreek Insaf Imaran khan (IK). The PTI started campaign against PMLN they knocked high court, supreme court etc according to spoke person of PTI but no one given response to us so they started a rally which is one of the historical rally (Dhrana) in Pakistan it as long time rally it was started in august 2014 and they are still giving rally (today is 1-1-2015) so the Ik pressurize the government to resign and do reelection but the PMLN government do not take this word seriously so this was I serious problem between both party. Imaran khan called the Pakistani nation to Start country wide rally and stop whole system but it was canceled when terrorist attacked on Peshawar school. At last we can say that the present Political situation of Pakistan is going toward horrible situation so government need to start dialogue and solve this problem and save the Pakistan and improve the present political system of Pakistan.