Exploring DigiLocker: India's Pioneering Digital Document Wallet

Apr 26


Kiran Kamble

Kiran Kamble

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DigiLocker stands as a revolutionary digital platform initiated by the Government of India, aimed at promoting a more paperless and digital society. Linked directly to each resident's Aadhaar number, DigiLocker provides a secure, dedicated private storage space for electronic documents and a way to access them via a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). This service not only simplifies the process of document storage and access but also enhances the security and authenticity of the documents through an e-Sign facility. Accessible through both a web portal and a mobile application, DigiLocker is a cornerstone of India's digital infrastructure.


What is DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is an innovative digital locker for Indian citizens,Exploring DigiLocker: India's Pioneering Digital Document Wallet Articles providing a secure cloud-based platform to store and manage personal documents linked to the Aadhaar number. It allows users to store various e-documents and also to access e-documents issued by different government departments via URI links. The platform's e-Sign feature enables users to digitally sign their documents, adding a layer of verification and security.

Key Features of DigiLocker

  • Dashboard: The main interface that displays a summary of all your documents.
  • Issued Documents: Shows the URIs of documents issued by government departments.
  • Uploaded Documents: Allows users to upload, categorize, and manage their own documents.
  • Shared Documents: Users can share documents with others via email.
  • Activity Log: Records all actions taken within the DigiLocker account, such as uploads, downloads, and signing of documents.
  • Issuers: Lists all departments and organizations registered with DigiLocker that can issue documents directly to the platform.

How to Use DigiLocker

For Residents

  1. Account Creation: Enter your mobile number on the login page. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) for verification.
  2. Set Credentials: After entering the OTP, select a username and password to create your DigiLocker account.
  3. Link Aadhaar: Optionally, link your Aadhaar number to access additional services.
  4. Document Management: Upload and eSign your documents within DigiLocker. You can also share documents securely via email.
  5. Access Methods: Log in using Aadhaar OTP, your username and password, or through social media accounts.

For Issuers

  1. Registration: Register on the DigiLocker platform to receive a unique Issuer ID.
  2. Document Upload: Upload documents in a standardized XML format using the repository service provider API.
  3. Document Management: Manage documents by assigning each a unique URI that includes the Issuer ID, Document Type, and Document ID.

For Requesters

  1. Registration: Register to access the DigiLocker gateway.
  2. Document Retrieval: Use document URIs to securely fetch documents from the repository.

Impact and Statistics

As of 2021, DigiLocker has significantly impacted digital governance in India. It boasts over 50 million users and has issued over 4 billion documents, according to the official DigiLocker website. The platform supports more than 400 issuer organizations, including the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, and various education boards.


DigiLocker exemplifies the strides India is making towards a digital future. By providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for document storage and management, DigiLocker is not only simplifying the lives of millions of Indians but also paving the way for other nations to follow in its footsteps. As digital transformation becomes a global priority, DigiLocker stands out as a beacon of innovation and practicality in digital governance.