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When I wrote my recently released science fiction novel, Flight From Eden, I truly believed that I was writing a work of mere science fiction. I thought it was trashy, purely ... ... bea

When I wrote my recently released science fiction novel,Guest Posting Flight From Eden, I truly believed that I was writing a work of mere science fiction. I thought it was trashy, purely commercial adventure, bearing no relation whatever to reality.

Now I'm not so sure. The subconscious mind works in mysterious ways. Even 'way back in 1994, when I finished the original first draft of Flight From Eden, I'd already seen our federal government's appalling abuse of military and police power near Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and in Waco, Texas - the latter being fairly close to home for me.

I was not a political activist back in those days. I was just a mousy writer and computer nerd who sat very still, very quietly and hoped that the nasty three-letter Feds would stay far, far away from me. But I am sure those television scenes were working on me at some subliminal level while I was writing Flight From Eden - because even in those days, had someone burst into my second floor bedroom at night, already shooting, the way we all saw ATF do that awful night at Mt. Carmel, this very law-abiding lady would have done her absolute damnedest to send them straight to Hell in a pine box. Would that have been a crime? Not in my opinion, although I do suspect that several three-letter federal organizations would have a very different opinion.

In any event, I probably wouldn't have survived such an event long enough for my opinion to have mattered. You see, the only tool I had to defend myself in those days was a little five-shot Chief, with one little five-shot re-loader. A simple mathematical matter of insufficient ammunition. I've considerably more (and considerably bigger) ammo these days - although I doubt that any individual is going to be able to match the firepower of SWAT or the Feds - but the carnage would certainly be memorable.

If my government wants a word with me, let me gently point out that it really is much simpler and pleasanter to knock. I am much milder of manner than poor, dead David Koresh, and I am quite sure even he would have offered coffee and conversation while your three-letter thugs tossed Mt. Carmel. Hell, I might pass out some pretty decent cookies while you toss my house. Be a real shame to pass those up.

But don't - I repeat here for absolute clarity, do NOT - come through my door or window shooting. The result will be much too ghastly to contemplate for every single party concerned, no doubt including me.

Are we in a police state right now? That's an interesting question. I believe we are, although I'd be hard pressed to prove it as yet. But that is the problem with police states. They never happen all at once. They happen very gradually, over lots and lots of time, and most folks never even notice until it is far, far too late. My stepfather is a Holocaust survivor - a damned lucky one - who was a fifteen year old kid actually living in Vienna on the night of Hitler's invasion. Did his family see it coming? Of course not! They were uneasy, but if they had really known what was coming, they would have hauled ass long before they did.

Well, I'm uneasy now, right here in these United States. Very, very uneasy. And getting more so.

Flight From Eden is about a religious dictatorship, and the real life United States has separation of Church and State - or does it? Can anyone name for me one single public address made by President Bush that does not mention God more than once? What? Not even one?

How about the man who is to enforce all these wonderful new laws, Attorney General John Ashcroft? C'mon, guys, just one speech. That's all I ask.

Hell, Ashcroft is such a complete religious nutcase, he's offended by a giant brass teat!

So am I going to "haul ass" out of the United States? No! My stepfather's family was already disarmed and helpless when they became uneasy about the Nazis. I am sure as Hell not disarmed, and "helpless" is a state of mind I refuse to acknowledge. This is my country, and I love it, and I'm going to get it back, come Hell or high water. But I am just a little pressed for time. You see, if we are to get our country back using non-violent means - "non-violent" meaning words and the political process - we are definitely running out of time. History has shown that these police state things always reach a kind of critical mass sooner or later. Once that happens, only blood will end it.

We can't afford to let that happen!

I can't speak for my readers, but I am definitely not anxious to take up a new career as a member of some rebel militia. Even if I did not have a moral and ethical reluctance to kill save in the last extremity of self-defense, the retirement benefits really, really suck.

On top of which, if only one person, or two or three, or ten, starts the shooting, the three-letter Feds will use it as an excuse to try to disarm us. The operative word here being "try."

If that happens, blood will run ankle deep in the streets of every city and town in the United States! I guarantee it!

To be honest, I am afraid that is exactly what is going to happen. I'm no crazier than the next gal. I certainly don't want it to happen! I don't want to spend the last miserable days of my life killing young cops and/or soldiers, running and hiding from government troops, and burying my friends. But if we are going to prevent that nightmare, we do need to act now, and we need to act together.

It's time to get off your fat asses, people. It's stop to stop drinking that beer and eating those pretzels. It's time to write your representatives - daily - and let them know how pissed off you really are. It's time to let some professional politicians know that they are going to be out of a job - and probably unemployable and sleeping under a bridge - if they won't start doing what you elected them to do right now. It's time to march in the streets and wave signs - even get arrested if that's what it takes. Be as obnoxious as you can!

Refuse - always non-violently - to give up your rights and your liberties. Teach your children what America should be - don't leave it to the schools to brainwash them into accepting any "New World Order." Help them to understand that governments are just governments - only individuals can give up their liberties, and when they do, they might as well be dead. Teach them from real books, not the watered down pap that won't mention freedom, or the U.S. Constitution, or the founding fathers. Hell, they won't even use the word "war" in the schools anymore, and I've actually met several high school kids who'd never heard of Patrick Henry!

Of course, Henry would probably be locked up as a dangerous subversive today. Our leaders don't want any "Give me liberty, or give me death" ideas reaching our youngsters. Really scary stuff.

And since when has World War II become the "second global conflict"? My real father (who served during that "conflict"!) must be revolving in his grave!

Find those candidates who are not professional politicians. They do exist, because a lot of Americans are scared and unhappy with the status quo right now. Find them, volunteer your time and money - go stump door to door for them if you have to. These people are a treasure beyond price. They are our only - and I do mean our only - hope, Help them win!

Work with other organizations! My first loyalty is to Armed Females of America. I am the Texas Director, because this organization is about what I believe in, right down the line.

Yes, I am angry with the NRA for surrendering my rights for more than 35 years! But, dammit, they are 80 million strong, and most of the rank and file members are no fonder of compromise than I am!

Second Amendment Sisters also compromises more than I like. But, dammit, 95% of the time, we are allies!

The Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus is right down the line with every single thing that Armed Females of America stands for! It was founded by L. Neil Smith, the best (and most vocal) friend the Second Amendment folks have ever had.

The Brady idiots can work together - so why can't the gun people? We'd better learn, and quickly, too, or we are sunk, sunk, sunk!

Persuade your community to do what a couple of others have done - vote your city or town or even just your neighborhood into a "U.N. Free Zone." What a wonderful way to send a global message!

Own as many, and as lethal, firearms as you legally can. I do not suggest you use them. The very existence of an extremely large and well-armed populace has always been enough to give our government serious pause when it considers mistreating its citizens, and we have no reason to believe it won't work this time.

Wake up, people! Defense against tyranny was always the reason for the Second Amendment! Self-defense is a good thing. Prevention of crime is a good thing. But the real reason the right to keep and bear arms was considered sacred by the founding fathers of this country was to prevent tyranny! Nothing has changed today, except of course that the folks who want to control your lives (and not to your benefit!) are trying to deprive you of this right. Gee, I wonder why that would be . . .

Could it possibly be that they are trying to prevent large, leaky holes from appearing in their various anatomies?

I hear it from people every day. You're afraid these tactics won't work. Horse manure! The tactics I describe here ended the Vietnam war when our leaders most emphatically did not want said very profitable war to end - and without starting a civil war in the process - although I admit that we did come dangerously close a time or two.

Were there casualties? You bet there were! Most were on or near college campuses, as a matter of fact - kids the age of most combat soldiers the world over. Will there be casualties this time? Yes, there are sure to be. Will there be deaths? I truly hope not, but the lessons of history all say there will be. Can't handle that idea? I pity you.

I might even be one of those casualties myself. Or worse from my point of view, I could end up with yearly tax audits for the rest of my miserable days.

But I cannot - and I damned well will not! - sit here and do nothing while I watch the country I love wither and die from within.

My personal hero, Thomas Jefferson, once said: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure."

So let's start spreading a little of that smelly stuff around, folks. It's time to cultivate a big, fat tree!

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