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Invisible puzzles are mechanisms hidden inside products and services you use, and the social/political systems you interact with. They are invisible due to the use of manufactured perception and deniability-tactics. These puzzles are designed to harness everyone's efforts to silently maintain and operate an Invisible Slavery System...

What would happen to the world economy if global problems like terrorism,Guest Posting global warming, pollution, drugs, cancer and AIDS were suddenly solved? These problems harness trillions of dollars per year, both directly and indirectly from the poor, the middle class, and the rich. This money fuels a large portion of our economy and it eventually makes its way to a very few select people, the "very few very powerful".

These "very few very powerful" did not use principles found in your everyday how-to business books. They and their families engineered special techniques that led to their success, and they kept these techniques a family secret for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. The funny thing is these techniques can be looked up quite readily, but they still remain secret to the vast majority because of the combination of a deniability cloak and a perception cloak.

I will now begin to explain my own theory about these secrets, and how they relate to what is really happening in the world today.

First of all, an "invisible puzzle" is just that, a puzzle that is invisible without some special way to view it. As it pertains to my theory, "invisible puzzle" more specifically refers to the deniable lines of function that are hidden inside the products and systems that we interact with. These invisible puzzles are there to control us in very direct tangible ways while shedding off proof of the real purposes behind them.

For example, when the bank processes several checks in one day for a specific customer they now wait to the end of the day and sort them by size, biggest first, smallest last. Many people wait to the last minute to deposit their money, so an unsuspecting customer walks in during the day and deposits the amount to cover the checks, asks for his balance, and breathes a sigh of relief to see that he was in time. The balance according to the deposit slip is in the black. He goes home with the feeling that everything is in order. However, the checks that were held to the end of the day can be back-posted to a time before the deposit, since that is when they really came in. So the customer's account is then returned to the red prior to his deposit, as the checks that were not reflected before are back-posted. Then these checks get posted in size order instead of chronological order, causing the most possible overdrafts to be generated. Then as the overdraft fees stack up, the customer's account goes further negative than it would have otherwise, making the deposit ineffective at stopping subsequent overdrafts from the following day's checks. The customer's account spins out of control by potentially hundreds of dollars without his immediate knowledge so that he won't know in time to fix it before the full damage takes place. The combination of these things cause overdraft income to increase three to four times on average. And that's if he deposited cash. If he deposited a check then the deposit may post three days later (an arbitrary decision on the part of the bank) - and it doesn't matter if it’s from a bank across the street. You could have just walked the cash across the street but that makes no difference to the bank. Sure, the bank can make any rule it wants, and the customer is legally at fault for letting his/her account go negative. But then the bank purposely manipulates their paperwork to triple their income from it. And they do it legally. How? All they had to do to triple their overdraft income was to issue a notice to their customers stating something to the effect: "From this point forward, in an effort to better serve our customers, whenever there are multiple checks to process in the same day we will process the biggest one first, the second biggest one second, and so on, processing the smallest one last. In this way if there are insufficient funds you are more likely to get your most important check through, such as your mortgage or car payment." This notice makes it impossible for the customer to accuse the bank of manipulating the paperwork for profit. The deniable alternate purpose (manipulation of paperwork to triple overdraft profits) is hidden behind a perception cloak (the statement that the change in calculations is to get your most important check through). As a result, this situation becomes an invisible puzzle.

Invisible puzzles can be used to manipulate, but you can't prove this intent because the stated purpose makes the potentially manipulative purpose deniable.

The interesting thing is, these invisible puzzles can be created through remote control. Every now and again a major world event hits the news, like the "9/11 terrorist attacks". Then millions of people everywhere are glued to the TV full of emotion over the event, waiting to see who is responsible and waiting to see what solution will be presented. Each time this happens no proof will be given for what really happened. That is one of the keys to their technique. This is because of the principle that when the truth is hidden people will then look to some other source for answers, like authority or stereotypes. At this point perceptions are being engineered for a purpose. The purpose is to mobilize large groups of people into specific actions that create and enforce new invisible puzzles. In the case of the 9/11 terrorist event our security spending was tripled, dozens of new track & identify laws were launched overnight that wouldn't fly previously because of privacy activists, several major legislative acts and antiterrorist treaties were mysteriously completed in a matter of days (hmmm, I would have thought they would need more time than that), and our president declares to the world "any country that is suspected of harboring terrorists will be attacked". Was this a declaration to the world that we intend to deal with terrorists everywhere? Or was this a bully tactic to get other countries to sign our antiterrorist treaties to avoid suspicion of harboring terrorists so that we won't attack them? Another invisible puzzle?

The "terrorist event" was a perception-engineering tactic. It is easy to see that it was rigged, so long as you don't fall for the mind control. Then the antiterrorist treaty was pushed on other countries through a deniable bully tactic ("will attack if suspected of harboring terrorists", therefore better sign that treaty to avoid suspicion). Then the antiterrorist treaties were used as the Trojan Horse to carry a slew of new invisible puzzles into other countries.
This method accomplishes two things. First, it delegates the effort so the controlling entity has less work to do. Second, it cloaks what is really happening. Once this step is successful then honest people in key positions who are just doing their job will generate dozens of new invisible puzzles. Of course they are doing their jobs while under the influence of the perception game at hand. So without knowing it they will create these new invisible puzzles, which control us through two or more levels of deniability. For example, when Canada signed on with our president's anti-terrorist treaties, they rerouted a major portion of their legal system to make room for the demands of those treaties. Through this process a slew of new invisible puzzles for Canada went into place, with little or no additional effort by those who actually designed them. In other words, the "very few very powerful" can efficiently delegate their work while simultaneously creating multiple levels of deniability - pretty slick if you ask me.

Proof of intent behind these invisible puzzles cannot be found individually (unless they somehow slip up - and in these very rare cases they execute "black ops" to immediately eliminate the evidence). Despite this lack of proof, if you look at how hundreds of these invisible puzzles fit together you will see how we are thoroughly enslaved by them, while channeling power and wealth to the "very few very powerful". Invisible puzzles hide inside just about every system you interact with (laws, computers, commerce, traffic, finance, school, etc.) and they hide inside just about every product and service you buy. Whether by intent or by society's own clumsiness, my website shows how a network of these invisible puzzles form the infrastructure to an Invisible Slavery System. I show how the ISS is responsible for robbing 95% of what we do, through a myriad of seemingly unrelated issues that we are forced to contend with every day. Most people see it differently, because within this delusional perception-engineered-realm, the thought that they are actually slaves just does not make sense to them.

The net effect to living inside an invisible human slave colony is:

·Unending tangible issues that take away your hard earned money

·Severe reduction of your life span through manipulation of key cellular functions, plus the suppression and disabling of the human regenerating cell

·Severe reduction of your health through the consumption of garbage foods that we are taught to need and to like, and through the use of Trojan Horse consumables that carry aneuploidogenic substances

·Severe reduction of your intelligence through programmed psychological walls and triggers, shortened attention spans, altered brain chemistry, and keeping us too busy to ponder and question

·Stagnation of civilization as a whole as a result of the heavy burden and limitations imposed by the ISS
·Unending global issues that are never solved, due to all the lies that distort the truth about them

Why? To amplify and maintain control and profits.

People rarely question themselves, especially their convictions and their emotions, yet that is what's necessary to see the ISS. Our perspectives and emotions have been steered to support it rather than resist it. Our thoughts have been molded to work hard to maintain and operate the ISS, without any knowledge that it even exits. How can something so powerful take so much without our knowing it?

We interact within an environment that sets up the rationale and visualizations that make sense relative to each other, one thing explains the next thing, and so on, resulting in a complete circle of logical reasoning all based on itself, and all in support of a manufactured/manipulated world-view that they planned for our minds. I will show how these perspectives were engineered to get us to support and operate the ISS, and its diabolical web of deniable alternate purpose behind each of our actions. This oppressor is so good at strategy and mind control that he gets us to do his dirty work.
As Einstein once said, "The most important thing is to never stop questioning." And one thing I question is the base line that we tend to use to determine what is healthy, what is a normal life-span, what is the cost of living, what is a crook, what is justice, what is the correct way for a computer to operate, etc. These things have base lines, which stem from what we are used to. So if what we are used to is all messed up, then we simply can't see it - and we call it "normal" instead of "messed up".

When the truth is hidden from view what seems normal is accepted in its place. When we can't see it for ourselves, people in authority and others that we trust fill in the blanks for us. We get used to it, and it becomes "right" for us. And then we believe we did see it for ourselves, when we really didn't. Invisible puzzles are responsible for automatically organizing and triggering this process. It goes beyond manufactured world-views, as entire cultures and religions have been built from these manipulated perspectives. All to profit the "very few very powerful", or whomever it is that took control. In the end we are handed a delusional realm to focus on while we work hard as slaves to meet the demands of a ruthless oppressor. An oppressor who steals 95% of your effort (through the combination of dozens of systems that you believe you have to interact with), feeds your body garbage that makes you sick (one of the systems for making the ISS profitable), feeds your mind lies (to keep the perception cloak in place), makes you too busy to ponder and question (so that you will continue to fall for the mind control), and having no regard for life kills us off at a young age (so we cannot wise up to the system). As long as we are kept busy and we cooperate fully we may be allowed to live a bit longer, but for the most part slaves are the most useful while they are young, healthy and gullible. After that they are generally slaughtered for profit. (The "slaughter" part is cloaked as something else, like cancer, heart failure or old age, courtesy of the ISS.)

The outdated social/political systems of today are unknowingly the legs and arms of the ISS. Through control, deception, and force, today's political/social systems unknowingly (for the most part) are used by the ISS to regulate, feed and monitor humanity like a herd of cattle, as they are put to work and ultimately slaughtered. In this mode real solutions to the world's problems will never be found.
The ISS controls your perspective, consequently channeling your emotions and perceptions, thereby prompting you to do precisely what the ISS wants you to do. Awareness is key. Real knowledge is key. And "free will thought" is key. However, perspective controls all of it.

Continued in Invisible Slavery System - II

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