Prayagraj of Uttar Pradesh.

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Prayagraj  of UP chm yogi

Prayagraj of Uttar Pradesh. The case of the death of a three-year-old girl has come up here. The child died at the gate of a private hospital. The family is accusing the hospital of not getting treatment due to money. At the same time,Guest Posting the hospital administration is rejecting the charge of the relatives. In this case, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has sought a report from Prayagraj's DM within 24 hours, seeking action in the case what is islam religion all about.

What is the whole matter?

According to India Today journalist Shiv Nandan Sahu, Mukesh Mishra, a resident of Kareli police station in Prayagraj, admitted his three-year-old daughter, Khushi Mishra, to the United Medicity Hospital in Prayagraj 20 days ago. Khushi complained of stomach ache. Doctors conducted a happy operation by stating an infection in the intestine. Happiness was fine for a few days. But the dressing of his wound was not done for a week. Then there was a problem of pas in the place of operation. After this, the doctors performed Khushi's operation again. The family alleges that the doctors had moved Khushi out for the second time without stitching the place of operation. The family kept wandering in different hospitals with regard to the girl child. If not admitted somewhere, he again came to this hospital with the child. But the hospital refused to enroll the girl. The girl died at the hospital gate chandravanshi.

According to the news agency ANI, the hospital did not put stitches because of not paying the entire money of the operation, ie, about five lakhs.

Prayagraj District Magistrate Bhanu Chandra Goswami has directed the inquiry by forming a committee of Additional District Officer and Chief Medical Officer in the case. Additional Superintendent of Police Samar Bahadur has said that legal action is being taken in the case.

At the same time, NCPCR has also summoned Prayagraj DM regarding this whole matter. The NCPCR has also sought a response from the DM within 24 hours, seeking swift action in the case.

At the same time, the statement of Satpal Gulati, vice chairman of United Medicity Hospital, has also come on this whole episode. According to the news agency ANI, Gulati has said-

"Was soldered." I think that when he must have gone to another hospital with the baby, the stitch would have been opened or the stitch would have been opened for checking. That girl was admitted here for 15 days. He underwent an operation and was placed in observation. Money was not taken from them, because they were poor. But when his condition did not improve, he was referred to the medical college. His next family took him away from here the next day. "

Along with this, Dr. Pramod Kumar, the director of the hospital, held a press conference on the matter on February 6 and said-

“After the girl was admitted to the hospital, the treatment and operation was done correctly. When the girl's condition deteriorated after a second operation, she was referred to another hospital. The girl's family had deposited about 11 thousand rupees in the hospital. At the time of referral, he was refunded 5 thousand rupees. On February 5, when the girl's family reached the hospital gate with her, she had died. Outside the hospital gate, at the request of the policemen, the compound was soldered by the hospital compounder. Due to which the body was easily sent for postmortem. "

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