The French Diplomats Were Beaten by Iran Security Personnel

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This is really a big news for all the world to pay attention to.

The French foreign Ministry issued a statement on 16th. The statement said that several days ago the French diplomats were beaten by Iranian security personnel at the gate of the embassy. The persons who beat the diplomats were security personnel in plainclothes. To express the “strong condemn”,Guest Posting the French government recalled the ambassador in Iran.

The official said that the situation of the arrested guests remains unclear, but there should not be life threatening. The official also revealed that one of the diplomats who were beaten is a high level official. This official’s head was injured. When this violence occurs, the Iran policy was there, but they did not stop it. After this happened, the road to the French embassy was blockaded.

Before this occurs, the Iranian government had informed the foreign embassies and missions that if they want to held cultural events, they should notice them first. The French embassy had also noticed the Iranian government. Therefore, the French officials doubt that this is a “trap” set by Iran.

The French foreign Ministry statement said that they have recalled the ambassadors in Iran to express their protest. For accuse from France, the Iranian government denied. The spokesman of Iran said that there is no violence on that day.

It is said that this kind of thing happened in many countries, such as Britain, Austria, the Netherlands and Australian. The Iran security personnel are very strict on young Iranians because they are worried about their “brainwashing” by western culture. 

Once, the two countries conflicted because of an Iranian woman. An Iranian woman alleged adultery and murder was sentenced to ten year’s punishment. Therefore, the French government denounced publicly. The first Lady of France Bruni even issued an open letter and called on them to cancel the judgment. However, the Iranian media scold Bruni as “prostitute”. But the Iranian officials think this kind of personal attack is not appropriate.

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