There are assembly elections in West Bengal. Different Chandravanshi Party

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West Bengal Election 2021

There are assembly elections in West Bengal. Different ChandravanshiParty

There are assembly elections in West Bengal. Leaders of different parties are busy increasing their numbers among the public. Raising different issues,Guest Posting the attackers are giving statements on the front party. In the midst of all this, BJP Chief of Bengal Dilip Ghosh also gave a lewd statement. Seeing the discussion of Tirath Singh Rawat in the past, he must have felt that it is cool to comment on women, especially their clothes. So he made a derogatory comment on Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's clothes.

On March 23, at an election rally held in Purulia, Ghosh said,

hindu dharm kya hai

“The plaster was cut and the scrap bandage was tied. And now she is showing her foot to everyone. She wears saris. In which one leg is covered, one leg is open to show people. I have never seen anyone wearing a sari like this. If they have to show their feet, then they should wear Bermuda shorts. So that everyone can see their feet well. '

His eyesight on a woman's clothes?- Mamta Banerjee got hurt. She is unable to walk with her feet. She is campaigning sitting on a wheel chair. But Dilip Ghosh got to attack Mamata's politics better than attacking her government's work.

islam dharm kya hai

- A party that is claiming to win the election and form a government, that party's biggest leader of the state is discus- ing the Chief Minister's clothes. He is discussing whether he should wear a saree or something. Inane comments are being made on a woman's clothes. It is being said that he has put one of his feet on the display. They are being advised to wear Bermuda with the comment that it will give everyone a better view. Try to differentiate between the meaning of these two things by Tirath Rawat's 'Badan Dikki Ho' and Dilip Ghosh's 'Foot is on display', you will not find any difference. Because the mentality behind saying these two things is the same. Cheap and fallen.

Nishant Chandravanshi 

Mamta Banerjee can wear Bermuda if she wants. If she wants, she can also wear a skirt or a dress of her choice. But this should be their choice, not a poor suggestion of a leader who cannot see women above their clothes.

This statement of Dilip Ghosh was strongly opposed by the Trinamool Congress. The statement issued by TMC said,

"Dilip Ghosh's blasphemous remark against a woman chief minister proves that BJP leaders do not know how to respect women."

TMC MP Mahua Moitra wrote,

“The BJP president of West Bengal is saying at a public rally why Mamta didi wears a sari. They should wear Bermuda, this will make the legs look better to the people. And people with such perverted and corrupt intelligence think that they will win Bengal?

Many people linked the whole issue of Tirath Rawat to this and wrote that for this one statement, BJP should declare Dilip Ghosh as the Chief Minister.

First Tirath Singh Rawat and now Dilip Ghosh, we do not understand what these BJP leaders get in commenting on women's clothes?

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