Victor Or Victim?

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Everybody has a story that breaks the heart, but have you ever noticed that those that have overcome the worst trials and tribulations are sometimes the most joyful? What is their secret? What sets apart those who rise above their circumstances and those who wallow in them? Victors have discovered the power of liberty in their lives.

Liberty,Guest Posting while it often seems synonymous with freedom, is actually much more, and is not an archaic term only used in the Declaration of Independence. Liberty, and the ideas that surround it can have a powerful impact on how you view the world, how you regard society, and how you overcome difficulty. In fact, your view of liberty will impact every decision you ever make.

Liberty is the opportunity to make a choice to assume responsibility and accept the consequences. If you are dependent on someone or something to take responsibility for your actions, you do not live in liberty. If you are unable to govern yourself, you do not live in liberty. If you do not live according to the immutable laws of the universe, you do not live in liberty. Victims live with a mentality of entitlement. Victims want sympathy, commiseration, and handouts from others. Victims live in bondage to their circumstances, themselves and others.

Victors have discovered that no matter what circumstances befall them, they can maintain their liberty. They will accept consequences without hesitation. They can govern their thoughts and their actions. They live according to the laws of the universe. They assume responsibility for their lives. They are not in bondage to their circumstances or even to themselves. They choose to talk about victory, about the joy of overcoming. People who live in liberty will be victors no matter what befalls them because they have the attitude and the mental and emotional tools to overcome their circumstances. They have the powerful ability to forgive.

You may not think it very liberating to accept the consequences of your actions. Everybody likes to accept the consequences when they are good. But what about when they are bad? Fingers point every direction, and nobody steps up. How can it be liberating to accept bad consequences?

Knowing that we must accept the consequences of our actions will temper our actions. Car rental companies deal with this everyday: people who rent cars drive those cars in ways they would never drive their own because they know they do not have to accept the consequences. They may accelerate faster, brake more sharply, run the engine harder, and drive knowing that the car inspector will find nothing broken, just roughly used.

Accepting consequences will teach you invaluable lessons that you cannot learn any other way. It is in life's challenges where you learn the most, where you discover who you really are, and where you will come up with and act on ideas you never thought possible.

Liberty is relevant to every facet of life and is worth learning about. The preservation and sustainment of Liberty depends on you. It's time to discover liberty or lose it.

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