Why do the Republicans keep bringing up seatbelt laws?

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We have a new ... ... we now have a ... majority in both the Indiana House and Senate. The ... keep talking about a ... There are many very ... issues that nee

We have a new Republican Governor; we now have a Republican majority in both the Indiana House and Senate. The Republicans keep talking about a “mandate.” There are many very important issues that need to be addressed in Indiana: Property taxes are out of control (Mine have increased over 60% in the last year here in Allen County),Guest Posting we spend OVER $11,000 per student per year on a public school system that produces students who on average score 24 points BELOW the national average on the SAT test, Indiana has a structural deficit of over 800 million dollars, and Indiana has lost countless high paying manufacturing jobs in the last few years. There are too many other looming issues that Indiana must deal with to list here!

Why do the Republicans keep bringing up seat belt laws? It just shows how out of touch our politicians are with the people who live in Indiana. I know very few people who think forcing competent adults to wear a seat belt is a legislative priority; but, our politicians are at it again!

I wear a seat belt when I drive. To me, it is common sense. Why does our government think they need to force adults to wear seatbelts? I do not need the government telling me what to do! I have served my country in time of war, I am a law abiding citizen, treat me like one!

The Indiana government has made seat belt law enforcement a priority for the various law enforcement organizations in the state as well. We pay tens of thousands of tax payer dollars and instruct our police officers to go and write tickets to make law abiding citizens pay silly fines over not wearing seat belts. What a complete waste of my tax dollars! Let law enforcement spend their time chasing criminals, not trying to force law abiding citizens to comply with more silly government regulations!
If you do not believe in expanding the seat belt laws, please join us at the Organizing Convention of The Libertarian Party of Allen County. We are meeting at the Catablu restaurant on 2441 Broadway. The meeting is on Dec 13, 2004. The actual meeting will start at 7 PM, if you are interested in having dinner come early! The public is welcome! Please contact us if you are interested in attending! You can reach me at Mike.Sylvester@Verizon.net or at 260-338-0833!
Mike Sylvester, Fort Wayne

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