Do You Believe In Parapsychology?

Apr 26


Norm Goldman

Norm Goldman

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Exploring the intriguing world of parapsychology, Susan Barbara Apollon shares insights from her two decades of experience as a psychotherapist and healer. In an interview with Norm Goldman, editor of, Apollon delves into the extraordinary events and communications that have shaped her understanding of life, death, and the possibility of an afterlife. Her book, "Touched by the Extraordinary," reflects her journey and aims to provide comfort and hope to those grappling with loss.


About the Author and Her Journey

Background and Inspiration

Susan Barbara Apollon has spent over twenty years working as a psychotherapist,Do You Believe In Parapsychology? Articles psychologist, and healer. Her work primarily involves treating individuals who are traumatized, facing life-threatening illnesses, or dealing with grief. The extraordinary experiences shared by her patients, who often felt these were too unbelievable to share with others, piqued her interest in the paranormal and the nature of existence beyond death.

The Genesis of "Touched by the Extraordinary"

The inspiration for her book came from the profound stories her patients shared, which included visions, communications with deceased loved ones, and other mystical experiences. Apollon's personal growth and extensive research over the years also significantly shaped the book's content. She rewrote the book after nearly a decade to reflect her evolved understanding and to share the powerful resources she believes everyone has within themselves.

Research and Insights

Methodologies and Influences

Apollon's research spanned various disciplines, including psychology, psychiatry, quantum physics, and spiritual studies. She engaged with the works of prominent figures like Brian Weiss, Ian Stevenson, and Raymond Moody, who have all contributed to the understanding of past-life experiences, near-death experiences, and the broader implications of consciousness. Her studies also included meditation, energy work, and intuitive development, which she believes helped her connect with a universal consciousness.

Challenges and Acceptance

Initially, Apollon faced skepticism regarding her research and interests. However, she found that many people, despite their initial reluctance, were eager to share their extraordinary experiences with someone they believed would understand and validate their experiences. Over time, as societal perspectives have shifted, the acceptance of nonlocal consciousness and intuitive wisdom has grown among her peers.

Impact and Reception

Feedback and Influence

The feedback for "Touched by the Extraordinary" has been overwhelmingly positive, with readers finding comfort and validation in their own experiences through Apollon's work. The book has been described as accessible and comforting, akin to having a conversation with the author. While negative feedback has been minimal, Apollon appreciates all reader insights as they provide different perspectives on her work.

Utilizing Digital Platforms

Apollon has effectively used the internet to promote her book and her ideas. Her website offers additional resources and insights into extraordinary experiences, and her book is available through various online retailers. She also plans to expand her digital presence with a blog and possibly audio versions of her book to reach a broader audience.

Conclusion and Future Endeavors

Susan Barbara Apollon continues to explore and educate on the themes of consciousness, healing, and the paranormal. Her work not only provides solace to those dealing with profound loss but also opens up a dialogue about the more extraordinary aspects of human experience. As our understanding of consciousness expands, so too does our understanding of the possibilities that lie beyond what we can see and touch.

For more insights and to purchase "Touched by the Extraordinary," visit, Barnes & Noble, or check out the reviews on Amazon.


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