Fun Ways to Improve Creativity and the Creative Thinking Process

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Thinking processes when approaching business situations, personal issues with your family can tend to stay the same especially if you have expected responses or reactions. Try some fun ways to think out of the box as some say and improve your creativity and brainstorm ideas.

Now,Guest Posting the question in your mind will be, how to develop creative thinking skills. It is obviously not a cake walk since you are not accustomed to thinking out of the box however developing these skills is quite an entertaining procedure. You can let go of your sanity in thoughts, unleash your mind and let your thoughts flow.

Your thoughts might not sound very practical; however the Neanderthal man would never find a telephone or an airplane practical, would he? All the great inventions and all the great scientists arise from creative thinking. People, who might laugh at your thoughts today, will want to be the ones who thought of it first, tomorrow.

 Let's use a technique conceptualized by Albert Einstein, one of the most creative and most accomplished thinker and inventor, known as "thought experiments". This technique of thought experiments helped him to vitalize his brain and thoughts, so that he could shut down the common and practical thoughts and be creative.

 A thought experiment is nothing but letting your thoughts and brain fly and travel, something you never do. It will help you explore and experiment with your thinking skills. It will unleash your mind and help you reach thoughts and places you would have never thought about.

 Thought experiments are simple, mind-based and without physically moving anywhere, they help you to travel around with your thoughts.

 The first step here would be visualization, a substantial and significant aspect of creative thinking; that is trying to actually form an image or vision in your head of all your thoughts and ideas.

 Apart from visualization, thought experiments include various aspects which have been enlisted below.

Come up with intense compelling questions. These deep thoughts and queries can be rhetorical or ones with obvious answers or even deep thought-provoking questions which could never have a perfect solution.

 Think about great geniuses. Think that you are having a deep conversation with a legendary person like Albert Einstein and think of everything you would want to ask him and all his probable answers.

Think of a parallel world, a parallel life or living in a different century. Try to think and picture what this would be like, how would the world around you look, how would the people be.

 Try about a high superior power, like God. Imagine yourself to be with God and think about what you would ask him.

 Experiment with astral projection. Read up on this and try to push yourself into astral plai What you could also do is think about a lot of "what if" situations and make your mind think of unreal probabilities and options in various different kinds of ways. Push your mind to its creative limit. Think of all your probabilities and 'what if' situations and conceptualize deep intense thoughts and ideas around them.

 Although creative thinking is no cake walk, there are various methods by which you can inculcate this skill. Listed below are a few additional pointers to trigger creative thinking:

Deep breathing and relaxation techniques: Deep breathing does not only de-stress you but it also calms and relaxes your mind and helps you to let go of all your thoughts. With a clear mind, you can allow your mind to wander and think deep and intense thoughts.

 Visualization. Try the technique of visualizing everything. Whatever you read, hear; try to visualize it.

 Try and research on things that get your attention: By trying to get information on things that interest you, it will be a thought-provoking process. With creative thinking, you can think of how to improvise on already existing things.

 Get some company. It would be advisable to get a friend who will brainstorm with you, and you can both work together and develop your creative thinking skills. With another person's thought and perceptions, it can be motivating for you.

 Try and impersonate someone else. Free yourself from your personality and perceptions; try and impersonate another individual in your head and think like that person would.

 Challenge your brain often. Do not let your brain rust, give it constant exercise with puzzles, crosswords etc. Constantly out your brain to use and conceptualize new ideas often.

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