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On uttering sacred Om such sound vibrations get emitted akin to echoes resounding from ringing a huge bell. Thus all nerves, muscle fibers etc of the devotee start vibrating positively. The mind becomes hence aptly focused and even those who hear Om chanted loudly by others get positively influenced thus. If this is chanted in a congregational manner, the psyche of all present marches ahead in the same direction.

Super Mantra Gayatri is very extraordinary. In entire Vedic literature no Mantra can be compared to it because Gayatri is not only profound but is very straightforward too. It is full of such deep import that it is incomparable. Let us first note the word meaning of Gayatri. It is made up of 2 words as per Sanskrit language grammar. These words are ‘Gaya’ which means Prana Energy and ‘Trana’ which means to protect. So it means Gayatri is that which protects our Prana Energy.

Prana Energy means consciousness and one imbued with life force. Prana is that principle which imbibes mobility,Guest Posting action, discrimination and life force, within us. It is due to this Prana Energy that we remain alive. When Prana Energy leaves our body we die. No doubt our bones, flesh etc are there for all to see yet such a corpse without Prana has no utility value.

Between the state of a body with Prana and without it which is called ‘Nyunprana’. In it no doubt Prana is present yet it is in a very weak form. This is the direst state in man’s life. Externally the body appears alive yet within it only hollowness rules the roost. Such weak people are very lethargic, indolent, despairing, worried, weak in aura, listless face, cannot focus their minds even on easy tasks and possess nil valor to face trying times and situations. Hence they are called ‘Nyunprana’. No doubt they have life force but it is very weak in potency. With other methods also bodily health gets influenced. Super Power Gayatri protects our Prana energy, will power and life force. It means that it strengthens, augments and nourishes them. Due to this in every artery, vein, nerve etc zest erupts in full throttle. The heart blooms with emotions of steadfastness, daring, enterprise, patience, bravery, hope and zest. On the basis of Prana Energy man executes such tasks that people rub their eyes in wonderment. The very thin physically emaciated Mahatma Gandhi shouldered the burden of the destiny of millions of people of India. Thus it is for us to decide whether we wish to render the physical body only strong or that we wish to render potent our inner body that contains our life force.

Gayatri is the name of that great pious intellect that is ever covered with a Sattvik divine principle. By imbibing Sattvik sacred thoughts and activities every power possessed by man is well protected and augmented too. Every act of it renders it more nourished, powerful and strong. Thus such a Gayatri devotee day by day becomes more energized sacredly. Bang opposite to this thoughts and actions emerging from a brain covered by Tamas or spiritual darkness decreases our Prana Energy day after day. Due to actions based on sense merriment and fleeting titillation our body too weakens. A mind with thoughts predominating with selfish greed gets submerged in muck of immeasurable sins. In this manner innumerable cracks emerge in our inner mind and all energy gathered dissipates to naught from these wide cracks. Such a person using his wily brain may amass a lot of wealth yet due to desires, selfish greed, fear, egoistic attitude, avarice etc reeking from his mind renders him unhappy all the time and that his mental energies also get destroyed.

An intellect oozing with sacred Ritambhara full of farsighted discrimination renders out bodily eating-resting habits also wholesome. Since such a one imbibes self control, celibacy, honest hard labor and a simple living high thinking lifestyle his strength-procreation capacity augments, body remains very healthily active and man lives a long happy life. The mind now blooms forth with amassing minimum wealth etc, love for spirituality, selfless service, renunciation, high power of endurance, compassion, sympathy, friendship, kindness, humility, true faith, etc. The psyche always remains zestful and divinely energetic. Since both the body and mind advance sacredly the Prana Energy gets well protected and that it increases a lot in measure. In this manner Gayatri by bestowing on us a great pious intellect protects our Pranas.

All Yogi-Munis that have incarnated so far have in full throttle eulogized Super Power Gayatri. While singing praises of it Vishwamitra, Yajnavalkya, Vashishtha, Bharadwaj etc have said that Super Power Gayatri super cedes everything. In the text ‘Ayurveda Shastra’ Maharshi Charak says that those people who for 1 year drinks Amla or myrobalan juice while also doing Super Mantra Gayatri Japa daily at dawn no doubt live a life of 116 years,

The energy of Gayatri is limitless. It renders sacredly pure our mind, brain, ego and psyche. Due to this, both our present and next world reform greatly. So far we have discussed only a wee bit about the word meaning of Gayatri. Deep profound connotations dwell in all its 3 Vyahvrittis (Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha), in all its 3 legs, in all its 9 words and in its 24 alphabets. In the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri in seed form are embedded human culture and all principles of true sacred idealism. The Omkar or Om in it oozes with all knowledge of the entire cosmos.

Om stutamaya varada vedmata prachodayantam pavamani dwijanam ayuhu, pranam, prajam, pashum, kirtim, dravinam, brahmavarchasvam mahyam datva vrajat brahmalokam.

MEANING: In this Mantra, Almighty God says Mother of Vedas i.e. Super Power Gayatri eulogized by me and that sanctifies Dwijas bestows on her devotees a long healthy life, Prana Energy or vital force, energy, animal wealth, fame, glory, wealth and a divine brilliant aura.

The Vedas say that first and foremost Super Power Gayatri gives us a long healthy life. Yet the question is what kind of life span does it give? Is it a life span full of diseases and bodily weakness? Certainly not! She gives us such a long life that not only blooms with potent Prana Energy and life force but that she gives us great minded healthy children also. If you yearn for fame and glory Super Power Gayatri gives us that also. She gives us Brahmavarchas full of divine aura and light called Ojas-Tejas-Varchas.

When is all the above attained? It is got only when we truly imbibe deep within our souls the sacred meaning of every letter of Super Mantra Gayatri. Further in accordance with its profound meaning we must live our lives. All this is got via Super Power Yajnas and Super Mantra Gayatri. When Super Power Yajnas are executed while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri, it is like 24 carat gold blooming with sweet nectarine fragrance.


Super Mantra Gayatri commences with the sacred term ‘Om’. Omkar is called Brahman or divine cosmic consciousness or Pranav too. This is the self manifesting name of Amighty God. By imbibing Om the measure of Brahman principle in us augments prolifically. The result of this is that in our inner qualities, activities and character Sattvik or sacredness increases a lot which leads such a devotee towards heaven, liberation or Moksha, immortality, material-spiritual success, Self or Soul Realization and Shiva divine principle. By imbibing this self manifesting name of Amighty God man rushes towards God. If you climb using a rope you reach where the rope’s knot has been tied. Pranav or Om is tied to God or Brahman. It is by keeping in mind Om’s divine greatness that all Acharyas or great teachers have given most weight age to Om in all actions executed. It is hence that before any Mantra is chanted Om is first uttered reverently. Omkar is a type of bridge or pool. By walking on this bridge the Mantra chanted achieves success more easily. Thus its true deep meaning can also be fathomed.

In Super Mantra Gayatri at first Om has been attached so that its energy stream can be taken to the apt destination by walking on this bridge of Om. Om’s meaning possesses a divine light of sacred qualities and high stature ideals. This light illumines the psyche of a Gayatri devotee so that the spiritual path he/she treads on becomes easy to journey on and reach the goal swiftly and securely.

On uttering sacred Om such sound vibrations get emitted that are akin to echoes resounding from ringing a huge bell. Thus all nerves, muscle fibers etc of the devotee start vibrating positively. The mind hence becomes hence aptly focused and even those who hear Om chanted loudly by others get positively influenced thus. If this is chanted in a congregational manner, the psyche of all present marches ahead in the same direction in a concentrated way. The serious, illumining and vibratory sound of Om awakens Sattvik sacred sentiments in the minds of all. In no other Mantra apart from Super Mantra Gayatri can one find the confluence of Sound Science and Music Tone Science. This gets initiated via Om’s reverberating vibration. While chanting Om we must keep in mind that our heart’s pure vibrations are latching on to Almighty God and in return God’s boons and divine blessings are flowing on us repeatedly.


In Super Mantra Gayatri after Om come the 3 Vyahvrittis. All these 3 are seed or Beej Mantras of Gayatri. Regarding this we have given many details. The 3 energies of world creation, propagation and destruction called Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are called Bhuhu, Bhuvaha and Swaha respectively. The 3 Gunas called Sattva, Rajas and Tamas too fall in this realm. Bhuhu is called the creator Brahmaji Bhuvaha is called Prakriti or material nature and Swaha is called Jiva or living being. These 3 Vyahvrittis also represent fire, air, sun and other deities. In this one finds a symbolic representation of the 3 Lokas also.

Bhuhu means one that gives us Prana Energy and is the very basis of our life force. Bhuvaha means one that destroys our sorrow so as to reinstate it with true eternal joy. All 3 divine qualities of Almighty God are eulogized in Bhuhu, Bhuvaha and Swaha. But a question arises as to whether Almighty God thirsts for our eulogies? Does he need yes-men buzzing around him like bees? Does he require servants and slaves at his beck and call so that they to pander to his whims and fancies? Certainly not! Almighty God has nothing to do with all these things. All of us devotees eulogize and sing hymns in praise of Almighty God so that his sacred divine qualities enter our psyche. The benefit of labeling Almighty God the very basis of our life force and Prana is accrued only when we too try and become the substratum of others’ life force.

Super Mantra Gayatri destroys our strife/sorrow and gives us true happiness. What exactly is sorrow and joy? In actuality sorrow and joy is not some material object and is not even the name of some situation. It in fact is our viewpoint or standpoint. If you positively transform your viewpoint your sorrow can get converted to joy. Joy means satiating your sense organs and if they remain dissatisfied you face sorrow. The words Sukha or joy and Dukha or sorrow belongs to the divine language called Sanskrit. ‘su’ means good and ‘Du’ means bad. ‘Kha’ connotes our 5 sense organs. Thus Sukha means good sense organs and Dukha means bad 5 sense organs. Which sense organs are called good? Then answer is those that are under our control. Those 5 sense organs that are not under our control and make us dance to their whims and fancies are called bad. In the insane rush towards deluded attachment, greed and material hoarding by hook or by crook man endures so much anguish and stress. The yearning for tasty food day in and day out pushes him perforce into hell. He eats just about anything under the sun whether it is wholesome or just junk food. Even if his tummy is full yet if he sees sweets, pizzas, cakes, tasty curry etc his mouth starts watering. If only man masters his taste buds, never shall he need to approach a doctor or a hospital.

It is Almighty God who gives us true eternal joy. He is Sat-Chit-Ananda or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss in nature. God gives us not only joy via our senses but gives Ananda or divine imperishable bliss also. Joy or Sukha and Ananda or bliss is separate. Joy is fleeting since after some time it ends. Bliss is that happiness that never ends till eternity. This bliss can be got only from Almighty God. We may get innumerable material pleasures and comforts from the world that give us joy or Sukha yet Ananda or bliss can only be attained when we follow to the last letter all commands given by Super Mantra Gayatri.

Super Mantra Gayatri teaches us that by deeply understanding the mutual bond between Brahman or divine cosmic consciousness, Prakriti or material nature and a Jiva or living being we must make an optimal decision regarding our viewpoint and activities. The meaning of worshiping fire, air and water is imbibing radiance of character, mobility and love for peace. By imbibing these in our day to day transactions, we can create a grand environment of joy and material-spiritual prosperity in our family and society at large. Whatever we see in this world has been created by Almighty God for the benefit of all of us. We must hence use is wholesomely without any deluded attachment to it by saying this or that material is ‘mine’. By imbibing the pious vision of ‘tena tyaktena bhunjitha’ as mentioned in the Ishavasya Upanishad we no doubt can enjoy various sense pleasures yet the inner attachment towards them (this or that is ‘mine’) must be given up in totality.

In all these 3 Vyahvrittis of Super Mantra Gayatri such sacred teachings and messages can be found elucidated. All great saints and leaders that have incarnated thus far in the annals of world history immersed themselves in such sacred activities and behavior. As a result they attained very highly illumined success comparable to miraculous feats.

Directions attained from these 3 Vyahvrittis of Super Mantra Gayatri (Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Svaha) in a gist can be called truth, love and sense of true justice. We must hence try our best to imbibe these fully in our lives. Only then can our sorrow get destroyed and that joy and bliss shall relentlessly pour down on us. In this manner human life shall attain true glory and success for keepsake.


In this verse of 3 legged or Tripada Gayatri there are 3 words: Tat, Savitur and Varenyam. Its straightforward meaning is to choose Savita deity. Who exactly is Savita deity and how to choose it?

This verse commences with the word Tat. In it an allusion to Almighty God dwells. Thus by keeping in mind the all pervasive cosmic nature of Almighty God we must avoid vile tainted activities in such a manner akin to a robber never even dreaming of robbing anything in the presence of police personnel. Hence in this verse it is said that we must always think of Tat who is none other than Almighty God. Every moment God is present not only around you but just about everywhere in this gigantic world. He notes each action of yours and disburses fruits/results in accordance. He may give you the fruits of your good/bad actions today, tomorrow, in this birth or in the following births. Yet know well that he shall definitely give them to you. None can save him or her from the fruits of actions executed. Hence forever mentally feel the divine presence of Almighty God.

God has infinite great qualities and infinite names also. One such name of his is Savita. Super Mantra Gayatri says that meditate ceaselessly on that divine form of God called Savita. Savita connotes divine radiance, one imbued with divine light and one that creates divine aura in us. Human life becomes divinely illumined only if his soul oozes with infinite soul light, intellectual light, financial light and bodily light. By imbibing this light energy of Almighty God, in every realm of our life we can shine akin to brilliant shining stars and galaxies in the sky. Such sacred sentiments bloom in this verse. Savita is also called sun because it too oozes with warmth and brilliant light. In its gross visible aspect the sun manifests in front of us the invisible energy of God’s light and aura. Thus we must choose this Savita sun.

We must imbibe only those things in the world that are useful in augmenting world well being. Those principles that lead us towards righteousness, religion, spirituality, truth, existence, consciousness, bliss, well being and divine beauty only are worth imbibing. By imbibing within ourselves supreme greatness, by veering towards glorious greatness the latent glory present within us that is a gift of Almighty God awakens in great measure. In a garden the fragrance of many flowers spreads out yet the fly rushes only towards foul reeking dirt. It gets pulled towards only foul stench and dirty garbage. Bang opposite to this a honey bee searches only for pollen in blooming flowers. It gathers only best things from a beautiful garden.

Thus in the verse ‘tat savitur varenyam’ Mother of Vedas-Gayatri gives us all this sacred command. Only via it can we render our lives truly happy and ecstatic bliss in an unbroken manner.

First and foremost the mind must be mastered and controlled aptly. We must protect our mind from getting attached in a deluded manner to our possessions, wife, son etc. By going beyond selfish desires we must give weight age to tasks of world welfare. Only then does our pious divine intellect awaken fully so as to imbue us with the capacity to discriminate between truth/falsehood, right/wrong etc. After this very easily we cam imbibe great divine qualities of Almighty Lord in untold measure, attain material/spiritual success and also enjoy heavenly bliss on earth. This then is the true wisdom pertaining to ‘tat savitur varenyam’ which is a part of Super Mantra Gayatri.

Whatever we think we become that. Whatever we wish intensely we execute it. When a thought emerges in the mind to do something we commence efforts for the same. Suppose we fail in these efforts we try again. Again you may fail yet you shall work harder. Finally you taste sweet success as per the maxim of ‘try try till you succeed’. All this is possible only via a strong will power, soul force and mental resolve called Sankalpa Shakti.


In the 2nd verse is written ‘bhargo devasya dheemahi’ and it also has 3 words. Although in the previous verse of ‘tat savitur varenyam’ it was advised that we must imbibe the Savita energy of Almighty God yet he who is our beloved divine father possesses many other sacred qualities. Hence we must focus on these too.

‘Bhargaha’ is that divine power of Almighty God that destroys vile qualities and darkness. In comparison to that which is good the lure for that which is bad is more enticing. Thus the attack of bad qualities in our mind is n fold more swift and intense. People very easily get enmeshed in its dangling carrot like allurement. Once they get netted in this mesh it becomes well nigh difficult for them to come out of it. In our cosmos both divine and demonic forces are at work. This divine-demonic warfare rages in our psyche also. It is only via the Bhargaha energy of Almighty God that we can crush demonic activities both within and without so as to reinstate only divine activities and thinking process. Via immense patience, steadfastness and mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti, by rendering or psychic balance optimal, we must ceaselessly self-introspect. Thus on noting any vile activity we must endeavor hard to push it out of our psyche and in our day to day transactions too. In Super Mantra Gayatri along with the exhortation to imbibe radiant and supremely great principle of Almighty God we are also commanded to imbibe Bhargaha within us. Further we must assiduously stop any bad qualities, sins, weaknesses and vile activities to enter our minds by being alert all the while.

‘Deva’ is called divine, extraordinary incomparably rare. We must imbibe infinite divinity within our inner personality. By placing in front of us divine principles, we must decide which exactly are our righteous duties? Those tasks that are correct, proper and that leads to world well being must be zealously executed by us all. No enticement, no allurement, no hardship or fearful situation must be allowed to agitate us in a manner that we give up such glorious tasks midway. Even if on such a glorious path we are all alone yet never should we give up the path of truth. Never become sad by saying ‘what are others thinking about me’? Thus we must awaken divinity (Devasya) in our psyche. Demigods are those who keep giving. Thus akin to them we too must use our brilliant talent, inner potential etc for the benefit of others in a ceaseless manner. Instead of misusing our energy and capability for selfish ends, fulfilling vain fleeting desires and in fraudulent activities we must utilize them totally for our spiritual uplifting and selfless service to society.

Demigods dwell in heaven and heaven lies above earth. It means that demigods reside in great worlds since they have gone beyond all lures of selfish greed and lowly narrow mindedness. It is both heaven and hell. If we become divine by imbibing divine principles, divine precepts and divine faith in our psyche we too can become divine. If we fail to do this we shall live in hell like situations only both mentally and externally in the mundane world.

‘Dheemahi’ means meditation. When we think of something our mind gets focused on it. Since the mind gets concentrated, one gets interested in it with a liking for it and thus we yearn to attain it. Due to this desire we start making efforts and it is these efforts that help us attain things. Meditation is the seed and attaining success is its fruits. Any action at first is imagined in the mind. Then we make plans so as to then actually act as per these plans. The Mother of Vedas called Vedmata directs us towards Dheemahi. We must meditate but the question is on what or whom? By meditating on Almighty God’s divine powers one’s mind gets focused. The psyche becomes optimally steady so that it comes under our proper control. When we focus our mind on a particular action our body starts acting accordingly. The body aids the mind thus. In this manner, our brain must give importance only to imbibing of divine, radiant, great, potent thoughts. In this manner we shall immerse ourselves only in tasks of soul welfare and selfless world welfare tasks.


O Lord! Do sacredly inspire our intellect. What exactly is this intellect? ‘Dhee’ means intellect, wisdom, true understanding and apt thinking. In the Gopath Brahman of Vedas the meaning of Dhee is: Intellect, action and sharp brilliant brain. Whatever our intellect thinks must be put into action and into practice. Its true meaning is that if we label Almighty God as ‘Bhuhu Bhuvaha Svaha’ we too must make effort of trying to protect other people’s lives, try to wipe off their sadness and help these lead happy lives.

Our soul requires most, a good will based pious intellect which is called ‘Dheeyo’. Super Power Gayatri is the Goddess of a sacred intellect. We must pray to God for a pious intellect. Give it not only to me but that all of us get it in order to usher in well being of the world and that all of us live with sacred sentiments of love and brotherhood. By zestfully acting as per such great inspirations we must develop our personality into a gloriously great one. By fighting vileness in our intellect we must resoundingly defeat it and in its place eternally establish a pious great intellect.

Indian Culture encourages us to perform actions ceaselessly. We are exhorted by it to work hard honestly, struggle also when required so as to attain great things in life. The Atharvaveda has a wonderful Mantra to showcase: ‘shrayena tapasa srishta nrittaya hansaya cha’. If someone asks us, as to why if at all has God created this world, the answer is: God has done so because man can honestly work hard so as to march ahead on the path of righteousness. While walking on this royal path of working hard honestly man can dance, laugh and dive into the ocean of ecstatic bliss. Yet when can man laugh and enjoy bliss? The answer is only when he imbibes a sacred intellect. Hence in Super Mantra Gayatri we pray to God to divinely inspire us all to walk the path of a great pious intellect.

This then is the profound meaning of Super Mantra Gayatri. It is complete Spiritual and Religious Science by itself. If we seriously cogitate over its meaning 3 precepts emerge viz. focusing on divine qualities of Almighty God, the 2nd is imbibing these divine qualities deeply in our psyche and innermost personality and 3rd is praying to God for the boon of a pious radiant intellect. This is very important for human life. Due to such a pious radiant intellect and sacred thinking vile thoughts, bad psychic imprints/Kusanskars, lowly desires and vile sentiments get uprooted totally. Via an intellect brimming with purity and divinity (Ritambhara Prajna), via farsighted discrimination or Viveka and sacred wisdom our life attains untold heavenly bliss.

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