Why Develop with Drupal?

Jul 9


Mohsin Iqbal

Mohsin Iqbal

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Drupal is one of the important and secure CMSs of the world. Lots of people think that is very complex CMS but in reality it is easy and SEO frienldy CMS which is helping millions of users.


Drupal is a free open source content management system written in PHP. It is a back-end framework helping millions of webmasters and developers to have a professional and reliable website for personal as well as for business use. Lots of famous and very important sites have been built on this CMS like White House,Why Develop with Drupal? Articles Examiner, The Economist, MTV UK and many more. Some people think that is very complex CMS to operate but that perception is wrong.

In Drupal CMS you are free to build any kinds of website like blog, personal website, ecommerce site, social networking site, news site, government site etc. You have no limitations in Drupal. Customization is the hot issue when we talk about any particular CMS. First thing comes in our minds about any CMS or framework is that, is customization is possible? While using Drupal you are free to customize any part of your code. Drupal provides wide range of modules and add-ons which help developers to set-up any complex portion of the website. Drupal helps its users to deploy core features rapidly without facing any problem.

Nowadays mobile ready or responsive website is essential part of online business. Every webmaster and developer knows the importance of a mobile friendly website. Drupal knows the value of a mobile ready site therefore it offers wide range of mobile friendly themes and templates for all types of businesses which helps webmasters and marketers to grow rapidly in online business. Smart devices users can also enjoy Drupal websites on their devices without having any display issue.

Advanced administration control is also one of the important and best features of Drupal where developers or webmasters can set up new user accounts and define the roles. That feature is very helpful especially in blogging or content based websites where you can allow multiple users to put data on your website independently and easily. While using Drupal, third party integration is not a problem. Developers can easily use third party in different fields like shopping cart and shipping etc.

Before using any CMS, users ask this question that is that CMS is SEO friendly? When we talk about Drupal the answer is “Yes” Drupal is a SEO friendly CMS, offers wide range of add-ons which can make your website SEO friendly. Updating metas, content, title, keywords, description, URL re-writing is not a big issue in Drupal website. SEO experts love those websites which have features related to on-page SEO and Drupal is one of them.


If you want to build personal website, blog or an ecommerce store and you are confuse about the selection of Drupal. You don’t need to be worried about its usage. It is very secure and helpful CMS helping millions of business men and individuals in online world. Feel free to go with Drupal; you will enjoy its features and availability of latest technologies in web development.