Automatic PDF batching with Adobe Acrobat, PDF workflow with Batch Sequences

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Automatic PDF batching with Adobe Acrobat,Guest Posting PDF Batch Sequences

As I share these tips with users, I must preface the info with some ground rules of pdf automation. To automate a process on a set of important documents one must take great care in testing and carefully making sure the results are all desired. Automation on documents can either repair or RUIN a whole archive VERY QUICKLY. So, let's be sure we ALWAYS automate on a copied set of the documents. This is important especially when coming up with a new batch sequence or working with critically important files.

Adobe Acrobat can help with applying one or more routine commands to your PDF files. Acrobat will save you time when you use Acrobat's automated PDF batch sequence. A batch sequence is recorded playback of commands with your specific settings. These commands are done in the order that you specify for Acrobat to do them. A PDF batch sequence can be done on a single document or several documents.

Acrobat has a few provided examples to be used, or you can make new ones. Acrobat PDF Batch sequences that you define will be displayed in the list, saved, to be re-used later, as you need them.

How to Run a predefined batch sequence

Included with Adobe Acrobat are a number of simple, predefined batch sequences. These can be used to streamline your work and learn about how they are used. The base batch sequences which come with Adobe Acrobat represent common tasks routinely performed by graphic artists and prepress operators. A PDF file doesn't need to even be opened before you run a batch sequence on the PDF file.

If you run automation on PDFs that require passwords, then, the password entry can be automated, or you could specify a security method for these files in your Batch Processing preferences. PDFs that require passwords won’t be processed if you select "Don Not Require password". The Batch Processing preferences are in Acrobat's menu, Acrobat > Preferences on Mac OS, or Edit > Preferences in Windows.

(A) Go Advanced > Document Processing > Batch Processing.

(B) From Batch Sequences dialog box, select a batch sequence, click Run Sequence.

(C) From Run Sequence Confirmation dialog, verify the sequence selected is correct, click OK.

(D) To prevent this dialog box from appearing in the future, deselect Show The Run Sequence Confirmation Dialog option in the Batch Processing preferences.

(E) In the Select Files To Process dialog, select the desired files, click Select. (On Windows, these files must be in the same folder.)

(F) If message asks for additional input for a specific command in the sequence, select desired options, click OK.

(G) After progress bar disappears, click Close.

(H) To stop processing, you can click Stop in the Progress dialog. The Progress dialog expands automatically to show the percentage of completion. Any error or warning messages will also be shown here.

Files already processed are saved as defined in batch sequence. When Progress dialog box closes, your errors should be automatically written to the batch-processing error log.

Adobe's Predefined, default batch sequences

Embed Page Thumbnails Embeds miniature images of each page for display in the Pages panel.

Fast Web View Enables users to download long documents incrementally.

Open All Opens all the specified files. This batch sequence creates PDFs for any input files if they are a supported file type.

Print 1st Page Of All Prints only the first page of each of the PDFs in the batch sequence. The pages print on your default printer, using your current default print settings.

Print All Prints all pages of the files included in the batch sequence. The files print on your default printer, using your current default print settings.

Remove File Attachments Removes files that have been attached to the PDF files in the batch sequence.

Save All As RTF Saves the files in Rich Text Format (RTF).

Set Security To No Changes Limits access to a PDF by setting up passwords and restricting certain features, such as editing.

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