Custom Written Essay - What a Custom Written Essay Really is and How to Get One

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Are you good at putting your ideas into words and come up with your very own custom made essay? If you really love writing by heart, then any topic would be a breeze.

"I would like to order a three-page Custom Written Essay delivered to me within 24 hours,Guest Posting please." Yes, you are reading it right. It is not a spoof for a fast-food commercial nor a crazy customer trying to pull a prank on the order taker.

It is just one typical example of an order normally received from customers of the growing custom writing services industry. It is a product of what I like to call, the "Instant Service Phenomenon" wherein almost everything is readily available in the market, in this case, the Internet.These kinds of products, from custom-made food, custom-made clothing, and now the custom-made academic and business written essays are specifically designed to save time, money and make one's life a little stress-free.

No one knows when was the first custom written essay was inscribed. Likewise uncertain as the start of writing itself. Archaeologists and historians came up with theories based on retrieved artifacts, stones, jars and other goods that writing may have started in as early as 8000 B.C.E.Although there is no need for an Indiana Jones to figure out when custom-made writings began, it is safe to say that it started a business because there was and there is still a demand for it. People would logically go for convenience and would naturally seek help to get the job done.

What is it exactly? It is a short analytical, descriptive, or interpretive piece of literary or journalistic prose dealing with a particular topic, especially from a personal and unsystematic viewpoint. And unfortunately, for people who don't have the time and/or cannot figure out how to even start writing one, it is a reasonably short piece of written work assigned to a student or an individual.Even if you were technically taught on how to write a good essay, you would most likely take a week before you could even figure out how are you going to put the ideas into words and eventually come up with your very own custom made essay. Writers are born, not made.

If you really love writing by heart, then any topic would be a breeze. This is why people turn to writing companies for their essay needs. These companies employ professional born-writers that promises to deliver high-quality, custom-fit and plagiarism-free essays and other written materials such as term papers and book reports, to name a few.And because these writing companies could offer you such writing services ranging from $9 to $40 for a fraction of the time you would usually write an essay, it became a household name. Their perks do not stop there. For the customers convenience, they can actually work on your order any time, any day because they are open 24/7.

Some would also offer revisions free of charge. As a result, more and more people, especially students, seek academic help online. They can click a button whenever and wherever they need to write essays about anything under sun and they will have someone to write it for them. Just how easy can it get!

However, customized essays or other writing jobs for that matter is not intended to stand in the way of learning or to somehow hinder the development of one's skill in writing. It is not meant to be a lame excuse for one's laziness. True, these writers will write essays for you, but they wrote it so you would have someone that will show you how it is done.Tailored-fit written essays are mainly for reference and for saving your time in surfing the Internet or turning the pages of books in the local library. You must understand that in this fast-paced world, people tend to be overwhelmed with tasks, jobs, family issues, and that sometimes coping with all the deadlines can be extremely tough.

Every individual has different talents and interests. Customized essays are for people who needs expert assistance to keep up with life, academic grades and meet external expectations. So, the next time you would order a an instant-essay-in-a-click or you are about to try the service for the first time, make sure that the essay you are going to order will not just be a one less worry of your shoulder but also a jump start on making your own.

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