Angels on Assignment

Jun 7


Sharae Taylor

Sharae Taylor

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Recently it has come to my attention people are noticing Angels poppingup in the strangest places. Several years ago you would only hear aboutAngels at Christmas time 'Peace on Earth' that kind of thing. Now they areeverywhere. In art and music Have you thought about the reasons why?


An Angel is a representative of God ... right? Maybe God is trying to get our attention. Wonder why ? Is it we aren't taking the time in our busy days to notice and acknowedge what miracles are occuring around usevery moment of the day?

Our lives have become so hectic and let's face it...totally out of control with stress. No one has dinner as a family anymore.Way too busy for that. What value is there in sitting across the table in asking your child "What kind of day did you have and what did you do today ?"Have we become so busy we have lost total contact with what is really important ? Where is the love,Angels on Assignment Articles the glue that holds a family together ? Where is the magic of looking deeply into your own child's eyes with true love and caring ?

Maybe there is a reason God's Angels are popping up in the strangest places.A top of the line lingerie line is now associated with Angels parading their modelswith huge white wings. When you really stop and think about it...Angels are showing up in whatever form will get the attention of men, women, teenager, adolescent and childthat will hold their interest.

Maybe, it is time to stop and wonder why these Angels are on assignmentand what they are trying to tell us.

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