Christian Success- The TRUE Success Riches of The Lord

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What are the TRUE Success Riches of God? Are you getting blessed by them? Read on.

"Keep your riches in the Love of God."

Jude 1:20

There is something I want to get across to you in this Christian Success article. My prayer is that you receive it in your heart,Guest Posting and God opens your eyes if they need opening.

I have a question.

What is the TRUE Success Riches of God? Many people debate Success as a believer, and many people debate the relaity of Success as a Christian, but my question is "What is the REAL Success Riches of God?"

It is NOT what He gives you as a child of God. Those are FRUITS of His Success Riches.

It is NOT the Blessings of Christian Success that He so freely gives. That is a FRUIT of His Success Riches.

It is NOT the Divine Favor, Divine Appointments, Divine Solutions, or any other Divine Touch of God from His Holy Throne.

God's Success Riches is none of that.

God's Success Riches can be found in His Holy Treasury, and what is in His Treasury is the incredible Love of our Lord and Savior and the vastness of His Affection. That is where TRUE Success Riches and Wealth lies.

But also in His Success Treasuries can be found the Incredible Success Power embedded deep in His Love for us.

God loves us so much that He daily blesses us with His Love and Holy Spirit and His Success Riches. But within those Blessings amd Love is a Power that can create any success you desire, and any life you want.

But it is found in His Holy Love for His children. His Infintite, Incomprehensible, Immeasurable, Undefinable, Unimaginable, and Unlimited Holy Love for all of us.

If you have children, you can somewhat understand. But His Love is incomprehensible in quantity. His Success Riches that are found deep in His Love are simply beyond measure in the natural realm.

We all wnat the Lord to love us, and to bless us, and to impart His Glory and Success in our lives. But God has desires as well.

He desires that you deeply love Him too.

How do you love Him and take Him on as A Divine Success Partner in your Christian Success walk ? Even before you start taking actions towards your dreams...

1) Read the Word daily- especially Proverbs and James.2) Praise His Name Daily- put on Praise and Worship Music.3) Tell Him you love Him daily- 7 times a day!4) Pray to Him daily and seek counsel with your success efforts daily.5) Spend time with His Spirit and bless the Holy Name of Jesus.

This alone will ake you "Ten Feet Tall and Supernaturally BULLETPROOF!"

If you do that, the Love of God, which is so immense, so deep, so rich, so royal, so beyond human thought, the same Love that sent His only Son to die on the cross for us and raised Him the third day... can raise your life, dreams, visions, desires of your heat, and Christian Godly Success from the dead.

Do you believe?

Holy Father,

Thank You for the riches of your Love and the incredible Success Power found within that Love. We cannot comprehend the Love You have for us to send Your Son to an earthly slaughter, like a lamb, and then resurrect Him the third day. All for Your children. All for us. And forgive us if we look at riches at how the world sees them, and not You. You want us to be blessed Lord, but it all starts with Your Love for us, where the Holy Riches of the All starts. Those riches are beyond comprehension, like Your Infinite Love. And Infinite Power. And Infinite Success. You don't run the bank. You don't own the bank and it's assets. You ARE the bank!!! Keep us from seeing the wrong things, and doing the wrong things which would hinder Your working in us, for our success through You. You are our riches Lord, You are our wealth, and Your are the greatest Blessing the world has ever known. Thank You Lord for opening our eyes to the true wealth in our life...which is You. And from that, Success will show up, as You love us, and want to bless us. Praise the lamb of God and His Holy Name! Praise His Touch! Praise His Love! We love You Lord, and will love You forever!Thank You! Hallelujah!!!!

In Jesus's name,


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