Continuous, Focused Thought Sustains and Initiates Creation

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If we are created in God's image, we can assume that we are creative beings. So, how do we create? Like God, with continuous, focused thought.

The Bible describes creation happening at one point in time. However,Guest Posting the Jewish mystics, or kabbalists, claim creation happens continuously. This means creation is occurring right now, in this moment.

In fact, kabbalists describe creation as a thought in the mind of God. If God had the first creative thought  the thought that caused the universe, the world, us to come into existence, then God's continuous thought process or focus on the thought of creation sustains that very same creation. If God removed Its attention from that thought, all of creation would disappear. If God were to focus for even one moment on a new thought, the universe as we know it  and us, too  would disappear. We and our world would fold back into the Source of Creation from whence we came.

All of creation is sustained constantly each and every moment by the energy God continues putting into creation. To understand this better, imagine creation as a light bulb that stays illuminated as long as the electricity is on. Turn off the power, and the light goes out.

From a Kabbalistic viewpoint, humans serve as God's co-creative partners. Since in Jewish philosophy God's essence is unknowable and without recognizable form, we can assume that if humans were created in God's image we were gifted with God's creative nature; the Divine creative ability represents the only thing we may know about God with any certainty. What do we co-create? Our lives and the things in the world that we can directly affect.

While a Divine Plan influences the overall theme of our lives, we can pick and choose how we get to that pre-planned end. When we come to a fork in the road, we decide to take the long or the short route. We focus our thoughts on a desire and create it  good or bad, right or wrong. Thus, God created the play and story line, and we, the actors, improvise our parts based on what is happening in the moment. We create...moment to moment.

If we are to be efficient and masterful co-creators, we have to remember that, just like God, we must continue focusing on what we are creating. We mustn't remove our attention from what we want to manifest, or what we have manifested, or it might just disappear. Take money for example: Many people focus on creating wealth, and once they have it they simply stop paying any attention to that money at all. And then, one day, they discover there's no more money in their bank account. The same holds true for relationships. We may focus on creating one and actually manage to manifest one. Maybe we even get married, but if we then stop focusing on that relationship - if we place our attention elsewhere, we might turn back to that marriage only to find it has fallen apart.

When we are in the process of creating something, this principle holds true as well. It takes all our focus and attention to actually bring an idea into form. From the moment we feel that inspiration to create something new, just like God, we have to allow that desire to grow and to overwhelm us. At that point we allow it to move into the realm of thought, where we conceptualize it and put it into words or pictures that detail what we want to bring into this physical world. We allow all our thoughts to be trained upon this desire. Then we begin feeling what it would be like to have manifested that desire by asking ourselves if we can truly imagine having it, and our focus turns to that experience. From that feeling place, we begin to get a sense of the inspired actions necessary to bring that desire into the physical world, and our attention turns to how to bring our desire into form though doing as well as thinking and feeling. With continuous focus in all four of these worlds - desire/inspiration, thought, feeling and action - we see creation become manifest in much the same way as God's focused attention continuously manifests our world.

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