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Women are banned to enter this pious place - Haji Ali Dargah

Like the Jama Masjid in Delhi,Guest Posting Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai is a popular pilgrimage destination for devotees. Without the restrictions of caste, creed and religion, people visit to dargah to offer their prayers and to fulfil their wishes by the blessings of ‘Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari’. It is situated 500 yards off shore in the middle of Worli Bay in Worli. It is embellished with the glorious views of blue water and the reflections of the Dargah itself. During high-tides, sea-water lashes the mosque and therefore, the best time to visit is comfortable season that calls for low-tide. Haji Ali Dargah was built in the year 1431 by a rich Muslim merchant, Haji Ali. According to the saga, the great saint was drowned at the place devotees built a mosque on the very place. While the other version says that He died on his tour to Mecca and his dead-body was put in a casket, which floated back on the sea flowing in Bombay. The casket was found and with paying tribute a tomb was built with his name.The religious Dargah is built in Indo-Islamic style of architecture. The edifice is a brilliant specimen of the Indo-Islamic style of architecture. The structure covers an area of 4,500 meters and its skyward tower measures about 85 foot (26m). The main hall within the Dargah is supported with pillars made of marble, which is flourished with multi-hued mirror. The blue, green and yellow chips glitter like diamond as sun rays fall on them. Keen observers can also find the 99 names of Allah, written on the pillars. The tomb within the mosque is covered with chaddar of brocaded red and green colour. Further, visitors can also have a glimpse of the wonderful carved out figures in the doorway.Till the date, the women were allowed to enter the sanctum that houses the tomb of ‘Haji Ali Baba’. But as per to Islamic law of sharia, women are not allowed to come near to any grave, even if it is a grave of a pious person. It is a sin and there are many other reasons behind it. And so, the Trust which looks after each and every measure related to Dargah has barred women from entering the sanctum. It doesn’t means that women will not be allowed within the Dargah’s large and open premises.  They can still read their prayers and do salat in that open premises. Women can also offer the Chaadars made of flowers or cloth through the ‘Khaadim- a person who is always standing near the sanctum’. Many educated and literate women are standing against this banned. They say that “"When it comes to spiritual and social issues, men and women are both given the same rights. I am a Muslim. I believe in Allah. If God sees men and women as equals, then who are these trustees? This is an attempt to subdue women. It is this misuse and abuse of Islam which is un-Islamic; it is possible some woman didn't cover herself as per custom. But does that mean they ban entry for all women?” I request to this sisters to prevent themselves from doing any sin, because as per to ‘hadith- a holy book of Islam’, the ban is not wrong and it should have been followed by the people from the early stage. But there is a saying that – it is never late. Let us stop ourselves from doing more sin. There are many minor to major rules in Islamic Law of Sharia. Be careful!

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