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I have taken many previous births and in future also I may have to take up more but as far as my memory is right never have I used other bodies for such important great use for such a long time span with such superb inner understanding. In such a state I very gratefully say that total credit goes to my gross body despite being given only dry bread as food for many years at a stretch.



The bond between the body and the soul is akin to that between a blouse and a skirt worn by ladies. The soul voluntarily gets attracted to dwell in the body. Hence despite enduring the pain of living in the mother’s womb during pregnancy and death woes,Guest Posting despite enduring so many hardships day after day the soul again and again rushes towards the body in order to reside in it. Despite all of us talking about birth and death pangs even wise people return to become humanly embodied. So many Jivan Muktas (liberated while yet alive) are seen to promise to take up a new human body, post the death of their present one. Since time immemorial Almighty God’s Parshads (divine aides) not only dwell by his side as his divine reserve force but when a need is felt they return to planet earth in order to enact the role of a Guru or divine guide. The soul is immortal and invisible. Even so it can be subtly experienced via the human gross body. It is because of these specialties that it is adored by the soul. The soul does not fail even a wee bit to decorate and beautify the body. On becoming a sinner despite knowing well its dire reactions in order to satisfy and please the body it acts akin to a father showering affection on his son even though the latter is forcing the father to act as per his undesirable whims and fancies. In a nutshell this is the contact between the body and soul. It is the gist of their deep strong bond.

I too had to take birth in this gross body and whatever good-bad has been done by me is because of this body. In order to keep it disease free and make it live long I made due efforts honestly and alertly. Forever I look upon it as a gift given to me by God and after manifesting great potentials lying hidden there I saw to it that it was used only for great good purposes. Efforts have been made for soul uplifting and world welfare and inspiration for these have gushed forth from my consciousness but hard work has been put in by my gross body only. Hence I have a strong endearing bond with my body since it is my unswerving servant and supreme aide. I love it limitlessly and respect it too. I have left no stone unturned, in rendering its efforts successful and giving it due credit. I have never erred by calling my life useless and a painful heavy burden. Let others call it a bag of urine-feces, let them wait for death so as to escape complexities of life, but such thoughts have never cropped up in my mind. Never did I yearn to die quickly and never did I wrathfully call it a painful heavy burden. In fact I have used each moment of my life for its apt proper usage. I have felt that this body is the supreme artistic creation of God gifted to all of us and hence why not use this life for great glorious endeavors? We get only a limited number of breaths to breathe. Hence it is only wise to use it properly. When we possess such a great brain why not use every breath of ours and every realm of life for great supreme tasks?  This sort of thinking always ruled my psyche and as a result my time hardly ever got wasted. Apart from using the body for daily routine chores and required minimal rest, very rarely has it remained without usage. I am quite satisfied about this.

I have taken many previous births and in future too I may have to take up more but as far as my memory is right never have I used other bodies for such important great use for such a long time span with such superb inner understanding. In such a state I very gratefully say that full credit goes to my gross body despite being given only dry bread as food for many years at a stretch. Hence I shall always look upon it as my beloved friend all my life since it has aided me in carrying out so many great tasks.

Despite the above trend of thought at present I am about to take such steps forward that may appear bang opposite to what I have said above. As per new directions given to me this body’s application for world well being tasks shall slowly start decreasing and come to a grinding halt. It shall be seen to perform very few basic tasks like bathing, resting a bit etc. This body ceaselessly trained to carry out public welfare tasks when it appears in future to become inactive others may feel amazed and people related to me may become a bit doubtful. I shall have to give up tasks of doing public good and since from the standpoint of public welfare a lot more needs to be done, some lack may be perceived by many. At least at the gross visible level it shall appear thus. Whatever has been done so far was due to the gross body. Hence it must be hoped that in future too as long as it shall contribute towards various activities, whatever important tasks have been fulfilled in past times when maturity shall increase more hope shall be harbored for more tasks to be executed. If under such dire circumstances such a useful bodily machine is obstructed from functioning voluntarily shall not be easy to understand in an ordinary manner.

As per Almighty God’s will anything can be done. Death is imminent for all. One can become incapacitated to paralysis stroke etc. Under such situations we accept the inevitable that it is our destiny playing out its role. The world cycle is such wherein never has it stopped functioning because someone or something is lacking. Avatar, Rishis, divine saints etc have time and again appeared in this world and have continued enacting so many huge important tasks. But when they shed their mortal frame their absence gave us pain only for a certain time span. After that the world continued to exist as before. Whether someone is alive or dies, the world cycle never stops. But know that there is a bit of helplessness in this. Those who have left have been recalled too. Those who leave the battlefield on their own are called escapists and are severely censured. In fact in the military if a soldier despite being capable runs away from war is court marshaled. It is not as though such facts have been overlooked by me. Hence what was the reason for me to obstruct this bodily machine from functioning in a voluntary manner?

In this new decision of mine one may perceive many types of losses pertaining to various aspects. First and foremost I have been habituated to execute more and more tough and important tasks all my life and experienced a lot of joy as a result of it. Hence it shall be so difficult for me to remain inactive at the bodily level. The mind shall have to be controlled so much more firmly. This can be understood only by someone who is very active and enjoys being busy. Iron that just remains in a corner gets rusted. Nature’s laws apply to all in an equal manner. When our hands and legs refuse to move they become stiff, one becomes bored and such a burdensome life can end quite fast.

The 2nd class was that which looked upon me as a social worker. They shall get upset since from the gross viewpoint what I say and actually practice shall not match at all. All my life I have encouraged people to donate time in order to execute this era’s righteous duty. Thousands of devotees did put this into practice. So called ascetics were inspired to give up their huts in solitude and set off for travel from place to place so as to work for public welfare. Those who had time to spare were made to take an oath to use it for public well being tasks. After giving such advice to so many I decide to live in lone solitude myself can appear quite wonky to many. Maybe not on my face but behind my back people shall say that I do not practice what I preach. Whatever is in their mind, they may speak in accordance with it. In this manner praise shall get converted into rebuke. There are many who may opine that this is betraying society on my part. Those who possess something and they do not give it to others are called stingy and hard hearted. Such aspersions can be flung at me too by many. Due to this ‘strike’ of mine praise showered on me for so many years and the high status I enjoy may get blackened and marred.

The 3rd class was that which had worked in unison with me at every step of my missionary tasks. Amongst these who were more valiant and daring stood in the 1st row since they gave up their entire life for this sacred mission. They are residing permanently in Shantikunj, Brahmavarchas Research Institute and Gayatri Tapobhumi. There are more than 200 families in our mission that have imbibed a lifestyle of a great saint and true Brahmin, they use expenses only akin to an average Indian household does and by working ceaselessly for 12 hours daily they have imbibed a life’s routine akin to great Rishi-Munis of yester eras. Further there are other 2000 families that although are not residing in Haridwar but by living in their work arena they have been chosen to carry out our missionary activities. It is such set of people that are managing Prajnapithas set up at various places. They are ceaselessly playing the role of Parivrajaks (traveling saints) of senior Prajnaputras.

There is no dearth of people who have no visible contact with social service since their lives are limited to their household well being only, they attain light of wisdom via our magazine and other literature, they write letters to get their problems solved and in order to become joyous and prosperous they take guidance. Those who harbor natural affection rush to Haridwar without reason when their mind gushes with zest. In the guise of pilgrimage and tourism thousands come here with their families. Despite facilities existing more in urban areas people desire to travel to Shantikunj in order to stay there despite travel expenses being more and enduring the difficulties of traveling long distances. Amongst these not only those who desire to get their life’s sorrow solved, not only those who wish to progress in life zestfully but that there are many also that come here out of sheer devotional love. Not only once but again and again they rush here for Darshan even if it means heavy expenses to shoulder and precious time to be spared. Their natural devotional love can easily be perceived by anyone.

When the above class comes to know that not only have I imbibed inactivity but that I shall put a full stop to meeting them personally, conversing with them etc definitely they shall be terribly hurt and pained. These people who so far called me one that showered untold love on all shall immediately henceforth call me hard hearted and one who is dry emotionally. Of course! I do not blame them even a wee bit. Whatever they see with their own eyes just cannot be disproved or falsified.

Many have felt that I am a living image of spirituality and they say that I am a living example of understanding and helping others understand the true nature of how to imbibe spiritual philosophy. Those who harbored many doubts regarding ‘Sadhana se Sidhi’ or succeeding via spiritual penance, those who failed to see its fruits tangibly when tested minutely believed talks regarding Ridh-Sidhis or material and divine powers merely a figment of wild imagination. From amongst these despairing, sad, sorrowful, unsatisfied, distrusting etc type of people many later changed their views. When once they saw all this tangibly, their staggering footsteps stabilized aptly. But now when this visible light of wisdom is about to get doused they wondered when and how they shall regain trust and daring of their own and others attained by them in previous times.

Many such allegations and doubts arise from this new decision of mine. After this decision was proclaimed at the Vasant Festival of this year all Prajna Members who came to Shantikunj either for the spring camps in February, March, April or for personally meeting me had faces that had many doubtful looks. Hence it was felt apt that these doubts should be resolved at an apt hour. I myself must not harbor a restless psyche and others too must not harbor any such restlessness.

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