How Terrible Is Our Sin Before a Holy God?

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It is an unfortunate fact that we as humans can not truly understand how much God hates sin. In the same way that a fish is not aware or does not understand that it is both wet and surrounded by water,Guest Posting we as fallen human beings are unaware of how truly fallen we are. We "drink down sin" as if it were water, and we do so without any regard as to how much it offends and angers the Holy God of the Bible who is our creator.

The first and most important thing we need to realize is that God is perfectly holy and good. God hates sin so much that it took the bloody death of His only begotten son Jesus Christ to reconcile fallen humans to Himself. When we understand that God does not take Sin lightly we begin to truly understand and appreciate what He has done for us on the cross.

In order to help yourself understand how terrible sin really is, imagine for a moment that you are with all of your friends and family. Someone has taken a video camera and places every moment of your life including things done when no one was watching on a video and is showing it in front of everyone. In this situation you would feel the greatest amount of shame and embarrassment you have ever felt in your life. You would likely run away and never show your face to any one of them again. And yet you know for a fact that everyone else is just like you. Now imagine how you will feel when you stand before a perfect holy God and give an account for everything you have done in your life. God is nothing like you.

Another problem is that because God is perfectly Just he can not allow sin to go unpunished. This is why He sent His son Jesus Christ on our behalf. What many people do not understand about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is that on the cross He actually bore all of the sin of everyone whom He would save. He bore this sin and then paid the price by enduring the almighty wrath of God which was poured out on Him on the Cross. The Bible tells us that is pleased God to crush His only Son. It pleased Him to unleash his Wrath against sin because of how much he hates sin. It must also be noted that Jesus Christ had to have been the eternal God because our sin against the eternal God earns us eternal punishment. A mere human sacrifice would not have been enough.

If you put your faith in Jesus Christ and repent of your sins, God promises to take out your old heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh with which you will begin to start hating what is bad and start loving what is good. All of the sin that you previously loved will become vile to you, and the God which you once hated will become previous. We can not please God on our own. No amount of Good deeds will ever outweigh the countless sins that we commit every day. It is for this reason that we need the righteousness of Jesus Christ imputed to us by faith in Him.

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