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Dec 19 22:00 2001 Ruth Marlene Friesen Print This Article

Once we are adults, we can point to some ... we were deeply ... Or we went off to do our own thing, and now feel broken and ugly. Like we don't deserve any pleasant ... o

Once we are adults,Guest Posting we can point to some Christmases,
where we were deeply disappointed. Or we went off to
do our own thing, and now feel broken and ugly. Like
we don't deserve any pleasant surprises or gifts,
and this colours our attitude to the festivities. You
might not be looking forward to the fuss next week.

Echoing in my mind are thoughts that were expressed
at the funeral I attended today, and I believe they
apply right to this problem.

In 2 Corinthians chapter 4, the Bible talks of having
this precious treasure - this light and power that
shines within us - held in perishable containers. In
the older translations it compares us to broken clay

The first time this image really got to me, I pictured
it as a painting, which I still would like to paint
one day, of some much-used clay pots off in a dark
corner. They have cracks down the sides, and large
pieces chipped out, so one might think they're useless.
But wait, through those cracks and chipped out spots
are tumbling bright sparking diamonds and jewels! How
the light catches them against the dark, and forsaken
looking pots in the corner.

We - you and I are those clay pots. The hard times we
have been through have worn us down, and given us
permanent scars.

How do I get that treasure, you may ask. What is it?

This treasure is Jesus Christ Himself. When we choose
to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, come to earth
on that very first Christmas, He abides in us and will
walk and talk with us, if we surrender our wills
completely to Him. Devote yourself to Him 100% and
be unashamed about letting Him shine through you. When
the hard things come upon you, defer to Christ's way
of handling the matter.

Like if, Christmas should be a rotten time for you
this next week. Stop yourself short and consider what
would be Jesus' totally opposite way of coping. Then
do that!

People will notice, though they may not grasp what's
going on. you probably won't either, until you've done
it some time and then look back....

Why look at that! There's bright and lovely treasure
showing through those cracks and flaws in you!

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