Learning to Use the Eyes of Your Heart

Apr 26


Mark Virkler

Mark Virkler

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Discover how to harness your spiritual vision to live as Jesus did, guided by divine insight. This exploration delves into the transformative journey of becoming a seer, a path that involves awakening and nurturing one's spiritual senses to align actions with divine will, as exemplified by Jesus in the scriptures (John 5:19,20; 8:38).

The Spiritual Journey of Seeing

Living as Jesus did,Learning to Use the Eyes of Your Heart Articles acting solely on the Father's initiative, is a profound aspiration for many believers. This way of life requires not just faith but a specific kind of spiritual insight—seeing as the Father sees. The journey to this form of perception begins with recognizing and nurturing a frequently overlooked or dormant sense: our spiritual vision.

Understanding Spiritual Vision

Spiritual vision refers to the ability to perceive divine truths and guidance not visible to the physical eye. It involves tapping into a deeper, spiritual realm that, according to scripture, exists and is active around us. This concept is supported by numerous biblical accounts where prophets received visions directly from God (Daniel 7:2,9;13). These experiences highlight the potential within each believer to access divine perspectives.

The Process of Becoming a Seer

Becoming a seer is not about acquiring a new ability but rather reviving an innate capacity that many have neglected. Here’s how one can begin this transformative process:

  1. Acknowledgment and Repentance: Recognize and repent for previously disregarding or undervaluing this spiritual capacity.
  2. Divine Assistance: Seek God’s help to rejuvenate this inner sense of seeing.
  3. Active Development: Regularly exercise and develop this restored ability through spiritual disciplines and practices.

For those raised in environments that prioritize rational and analytical thinking, like many Western cultures, this process can be challenging. The rationalist approach often diminishes the value and practice of intuitive and visionary capabilities, leading to their atrophy. Reviving these capabilities requires deliberate and persistent effort, akin to rehabilitating a weakened muscle.

Practical Steps to Cultivate Spiritual Vision

The journey to effective spiritual vision can start with simple, intentional acts of seeking God’s presence and asking for visions. Here are practical steps to engage in this process:

  • Setting the Scene: Visualize a biblical scene or a personal interaction with Jesus. This act of imagination can set the stage for divine interaction.
  • Expectant Observation: Watch the scene closely with an expectant heart, open to how the Holy Spirit might bring the vision to life.
  • Responsive Engagement: As the scene unfolds, either through scripture or personal revelation, respond to the insights and directions that emerge.

This approach was exemplified when I envisioned myself at the well with Jesus, similar to the Samaritan woman in John 4. This imaginative engagement led to a vivid interaction where I received personalized guidance from Jesus, demonstrating the dynamic nature of spiritual visions.

The Impact of Spiritual Vision

Embracing spiritual vision can profoundly impact one’s faith and actions. It aligns one’s life more closely with God’s purposes, mirroring the life of Jesus who lived in constant communion with the Father. This alignment not only deepens personal faith but also enhances one’s impact on others, fostering a life that truly reflects divine love and wisdom.


Learning to use the eyes of your heart to see as God sees is a transformative journey that can deepen your relationship with the divine and guide your actions in profound ways. By reviving and nurturing your spiritual vision, you align closer to the path Jesus walked, driven by the continuous flow of divine insight. This spiritual endeavor, while challenging, promises a richer, more purposeful spiritual life.

For further reading on spiritual practices and biblical insights, consider exploring resources from Desiring God and Bible Gateway.

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