Become A Visionary – Tapping Into The Artist In You

Dec 5


Karin S. Syren

Karin S. Syren

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In part 3 of four articles, we’ll take a look at your ability to dream creatively. Here’s your opportunity to settle into your favorite spot and let your imagination begin to work. Perhaps that seems too good to be true, but that’s the “work” of the visionary.

Purpose is what you’re created for. Mission is what you’re meant to do about it. Visions are the evidence.

We are all visionaries.

Anyone who has ever dreamed of a better way or a bigger brighter future on a broader plain is a visionary. If you see a more vibrant life in you than you are living,Become A Visionary – Tapping Into The Artist In You Articles you’re a visionary.

America is founded on our ability and our right to dream and then bring those dreams to pass. We’re all seeking the American Dream and it’s not a prescribed vision but assumes that each one of us is able to dream his or her own future. America was founded to cradle those dreams.

Visionary is a title we’re a bit threatened by, because it is so often ascribed to the celebrated among us, such greats as Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Golda Meir, George Washington Carver. And others with a different kind of vision such as Walt Disney.

Some visionaries are so well known we no longer need their first names to identify them, Edison, Bell, Gandhi, Pasteur, Jefferson, Franklin. But to be threatened by their greatness is to deny the greatness in you. Your name need not become a household word in your lifetime for you to be a great visionary. You need only to gain the tools to insure that each dream manifests in a better realityVision is the ability to see what others are not (yet) able to see; to create within oneself a new and better, bigger, brighter reality. It is thinking outside and beyond and above the norm. It is refusing to be harnessed or halted by convention or opposition, distraction or disappointment. Any inability of the visionary becomes inconsequential to the need for the vision to come to pass. It requires a great deal of faith and an equal degree of discomfort with the status quo.

A visionary is one who has learned the art of creating visions and who is then so filled with his dream that he cannot help but bring it to pass. We can all learn the art of creating visions, of directing our dreams to a purposeful end.

Visionaries are fearless - they will face embarrassment, derision and mockery. They are much like a woman in the final stages of labor – the child must be born, regardless of the circumstances. The process takes on a momentum all its own and the visionary becomes accountable to the vision and to facilitating its “delivery.

”Have you ever felt so pregnant with a dream that you were certain you would burst if it was not delivered into the world? Then you are a visionary. Now what can you do to facilitate the process? (See Birthing Your Dream available at, Resource Articles)Perhaps you’re thinking you don’t have world changing, revolutionary dreams, so this couldn’t possibly apply to you. But any vision, of any size, nurtured and directed, once realized will impact your world and deserves a chance to grow and transform – that’s what visions do.

The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is the determination to bring the vision to pass. A dreamer is no less creative, but is far less dedicated to the transformation of the vision into reality.

A dreamer dreams to avoid reality. A visionary dreams to change it.

Can we learn to dream creatively and with direction, or is this a gift born into a select few? The good news is that anyone can learn the skills necessary to create well-developed visions, utilizing the unique gifts and talents we each possess, and utilizing the resources at hand, bring them into the real world, fully formed and ready to. This is a skill none of us can afford to ignore, if we are dedicated to a better reality for ourselves and those around us.

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