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Does the title look strange? It should unless you are a first year graduate student, taking New Testament Greek. Why the title? No, it’s not to impress you with my limited knowledge of Biblical languages. You need to recognize this word, though. It is translated, according to Kenneth S. Wuest in his book entitled, Word Studies in the Greek New Testament Volume II (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company Reprinted, 1981): ‘edification.’

But, as is true of most words taken from one language and translated into another, much of the meaning is lost by the single translation: “edification.” Let me explain. If you’ve studied languages, you know that words common to one culture, tribe, or nation, can lose their richness when taken out of its culture. You know those idioms, cultural context, history, poetry, a culture’s literary history, and so on and so forth are all wrapped up in languages, and they are difficult to bring forth in another tongue. Since you know that, you will certainly appreciate oikodomian.

According to Wuest (a real scholar) the word is correctly rendered, ‘household economy.’ It is rendered this way in “the sense of the administration of the affairs of a household. The word here refers to the scheme or order of salvation as devised and administered by God [referring to its use in I Timothy 1:3-4], the method of operation of God’s salvation in the life of the believing sinner.” Very good. But it’s used other places in the New Testament, meaning “stewardship.” In Luke 16: 1 Jesus tells a parable about a rich man who had a dishonest “steward.” The overseer of the rich man’s property or household was called on the carpet by his boss to give an account of his mishandling of the household affairs.

So oikodomian is starting to take on some flavor, is it not? As a believer, God has entrusted gifts, responsibilities, and ministries to us. He gives us much freedom and liberty in carrying out His affairs; however, he will never tolerate mismanagement. One day every man, every woman who has ever lived will stand before God and give an account of the household affairs entrusted to him, to her. Now for the good part.

I was up very early this morning seeking the Lord (0230 hours). Around 0630 hours the Lord began to speak in my spirit regarding the following. 1. He owns everything. 2. He has entrusted everything to His Son, Jesus. 3. By the authority of Jesus’ name and the power of God the Holy Spirit we are allowed to exercise dominion on the face of the earth and “possess the land.” 4. The devil has stolen from God’s children because he is a thief (John 10:10), and God’s children are comfortable but not satisfied in being ripped off. 5. God is releasing the “Joshua generation” to reclaim the land and take back the spoil from the hand of the enemy. 6. This is a new day where God is transferring the wealth that belongs to Him but has been stolen to the oikodomian(s).

The children of God, who have demonstrated themselves faithful with God’s trust, will be rewarded beyond their greatest expectations. Those, even ministries that have mismanaged and swindled the Kingdom of God through opulence and greed are going to miss this round of blessings. But, the faithful are going to receive the greatest of God’s blessings to date for one reason.

This is the crux of my document so what I’m about to say must take precedent over everything stated thus far. God is getting ready to transfer His wealth to the faithful stewards of His Word who will thus release it to move the Word of God across the face of the earth.

This material blessing that’s coming is not for bigger bank accounts and personal hoarding. This wealth is to empower the sending of the Gospel around the world through many and various mediums. Are you up for the task? If you’ve demonstrated faithfulness over your present calling, you are going to be promoted over night as it were. Get ready. It’s coming. Stewards—unite! You the oikonomian of the Kingdom walk blessed.

Keep the faith. Stay the course. Jesus is changing things, all things for His good.

Pastor Tdash

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