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... some believe in it, some don't. Most enjoy the debate of it and are left ... the fence because, at first glance, ... seems to support both sides of the issue (being almos

Predestination: some believe in it,Guest Posting some don't. Most enjoy the debate of it and are left straddling the fence because, at first glance, scripture seems to support both sides of the issue (being almost contradictory).

Since we know all God's Holy Word must be truth, if any of it is at all, perhaps the question that stems from the issues of predestination is a result of one's difficulty in interpretation and Satan getting pleasure in dividing us (as the author of confusion).

For those who have no idea what I'm writing about, the question is, "Do we have a choice in our salvation and every decision in our life, or are we puppets completing a play God has predestined us to fulfill? Scripture bares no contradiction once understood.

From the beginning of time, God (in His omnipotent powers) had the ability to foresee, foreknow, and look into the future. Every human was created by Him and He would love every one. Thus, even all the earth would cry out there is a God, extending the universal call to all that would receive. It was God's desire that no one would perish.

Knowing who'd carry the name "Christian", God had also seen their hearts and could choose whom He'd call for special areas of service into the future.

Being made in the image of God, we can relate to God's heart in that we were created first and foremost for the purpose of someone to love Him.

Without love being a choice, there would have been no purpose in our creation, no purpose in the cross of Calvary, as He already had a company of angels.

Once you've grown spiritually, had fellowship with God, and stood in His almighty presence, you'll never again doubt but what it was your choice. God knew what He was doing all along and there never was any confusion.

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