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Planning is the major part of your life as if you don’t have the specific plan then you are extremely directionless people who don’t have aims in their lives and they are living a life without any purpose. 

We usually live our lives on the autopilot mood as we don’t have some specific plans as if you are school giving a child then you make yourself on the autopilot mood and don’t consider the proper channel of the map. It is the nature of the human beings that we usually want to take the shortcuts for our success that is not a good thing when it is considered to your deeds. Rather it is every field of the life you will see the amazing changes when you make the proper planning to do some specific thing in your life.

The life is the best example of a journey that we usually ignore. We are living our lives as we want to but the main issue is most of us didn’t take the sincerity of this issue when it concerns to the life after death. The life of this world is just like a journey in which we are here for some specific time and we have great desire to do the noble deeds and want to get the high ranks in Jannah. It is reported that and the explanations are in such way that,Guest Posting
One day the Messenger of Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent woke up after the sleep and The Prophet of Allah Almighty was sleeping on the straw mat so there were lots of red marks on the blessed body of the Holy Prophet Peace then Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud A.S when saw this scenario, He immediately said to the Holy Prophet that they can arrange the soft bed for you to sleep then Holy Prophet Peace be upon him made a great reply to them that the life of this world is just like a travel in which one traveler took the rest under the shade of the tree for just some time and after spending that time He just went away by leaving it behind.

Therefore, we should have led our life in such way that we should make the preparations for the real world. you can see the huge crowd that is present to make the prayers in the House of Almighty to seek the forgiveness through the best cheapest Umrah package 2017. You will feel the amazing change in your personality as you have the best things in your pocket regarding the religion and if you make your deeds with sincerity then you can easily seek the forgiveness of Allah Almighty. if you make the one step towards the blessing of Allah Almighty then He comes closer ten times to you to give you the more and more blessings.

Similarly, many people perform their Hajj through the cheapest hajj packages 2017. Today we have just forgotten the main purpose of the life and have mesmerized in the beauty of the world. the step of the consciousness has absent from the life of the Muslims, as today we have changed our priorities. We have made our lives in such way that we have given our attentions to those things that have the least important with respect to the world we have been sent for. Though we all don’t realize that what we are doing with us as we have specified direction in our life provided by the teachings of Islam. When we left this world then we become the part of the Alam e Barzakh. There are many steps before going to the eternal world. But we should see ourselves that where we stand and seek the comforts for ourselves. If you feel the satisfaction in your prayers then there is no best way other than that and you should continuously seek the forgiveness through that Almighty who loves you the most and will grant you eternal happiness for yourself.

Summarizing we have just forgotten the main purpose of the lives and we should focus on our main goals that have been highlighted in the Holy Book of Quran that is the word of Allah Almighty and in the books of Hadiths that are the practical examples to show the believers the real path to show the benefits for them. we should make the preparation of the real purpose of our lives and then we should move forwards to the other things.

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