Stunted Emotional Growth called Arrested Development

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What is Arrested Development

Arrested: to bring to a stop,Guest Posting to slow, to make inactive, seize, capture, to take or keep in custody by authority of law;

Development: growth that stagnated, put in custody (which has theauthority to do so) which slows down or stops.

  • Immaturity
  • Stunted Emotional Growth
  • Looks like Mental Retardation
  • Learning Disabilities and more
  • job hoppers

In general the person infested by these demons will age normally on the outside but be immature on the inside. Arrested development spirits claim to be sent by Satan personally. The demon stops progress past age 13 and brings the victim to any age it wants from zero to 13. The effects are devastating. At age 13 a person's too young to work and can't hold a job. The victim is unable to deal with the problems of an adult, becomes a job hopper and unreliable.

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