True Faith And The Power Of God

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Answer the question; "Does God Test Our Faith?". See the viewpoint of Spirituality vs. Religion. Discover a brand new view point to consider and contemplate.

God is absolute faith. When we connect with God,Guest Posting completely, we are absolute faith. Does God test our faith?

I believe the way you look at the answer to this commonly asked question, really depends on your views of what or who God is. Many people believe that God is a powerful white bearded man that lives up in the sky sitting on a throne in the sky. In this belief system, God watches over every person's life and rewards the people who are 'good' and punishes the people that are 'bad'. In this way of believing, I can see how these people would think that the white bearded God would test people's faith, just to make sure they are not lying about their faith.

If we look at this from a metaphysical point of view then God is an all loving universal creative energy that is one with all people, animals, plants, planets, stars, objects and space. In this belief system we are all a part of that creative source, therefore we are creating our own reality all of the time.

I will use the name God as the source energy that created all and that is within everything. We have the creative power of God, because we were created in the image and likeness of God.

Our tool we use for creation is our subconscious mind, you can even call it your 'God Mind'. Our subconscious mind is filled with thoughts, beliefs and ways of viewing the world that have been fed into it throughout our entire life. It is the thoughts and beliefs in our subconscious mind that reach out and create our external reality.

Our thoughts create our external reality, and our thoughts are created by our beliefs. Faith, then is an absolute belief. 100% faith means no doubt.

We must have absolute faith for us to create on the most powerful levels. In order for us to step into living our Divine Purpose, we must have absolute faith. For us to break the chains of lack and mediocrity, we must have absolute faith in our God given right to prosperity, abundance and greatness.

Sometimes, due to our subconscious programming throughout our entire life, we are unable to just all of a sudden have absolute faith in something over night. We need to practice meditation and other techniques to help us get closer to the creative source within us to strengthen our conscious connection to God. It is only through our connection to God, that we can truly have complete faith.

For many of us, we live our lives caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, that keeps us more connected to our minds, which is ego, rather than to our hearts, which is God. To truly strengthen our conscious connection to God, we must practice quieting our minds, slowing down in our lives and taking time to know the God within us and within every space and particle of the infinite Universe. To do this, we must take time for daily meditation, exercise, yoga, being in nature and anything else that allows us to quiet our minds and focus in on our oneness with the creative source, God.

I do believe that our faith does get tested for a reason. When we do not have complete and absolute faith, we will be tested because there is still doubt remaining. We may think we have faith, but that little bit of doubt keeps us from fully manifesting. Therefore, I don't believe that it is God that test our faith. We test our own faith. We create situations in our lives that will test our faith, so that we can prove to ourselves that we do have complete faith.

We may have mostly faith, however, if we still have any doubt remaining, we must create situations in our lives to assist us in releasing that doubt. We will create situations that will put our faith to the test, that will take us to that pressure point, where we have to make a decision. We have to decide whether we will get caught up in our minds and try to figure out a way to make the situation better, or stay calm and peaceful and have absolute faith that the all loving God will take care of us and everything will work out for our highest good. All doubt is erased, when you choose faith. If you choose to get caught up in your mind and let your ego take over, you may find an immediate solution to the problem at hand, however the solution is temporary, and you have shown yourself that you really do not have faith, and that doubt will remain, until the next test. Faith comes first, then comes the opportunity to prove it to yourself, not to God, but to yourself.

God is non judging and unconditionally loving. It is us that needs proof of our faith, not God.God is absolute faith. It is through our connection to God that we become absolute faith.

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