Two Types of Human Soul

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Few Reflections on the Spiritual Roots of Human Souls.

If we went back in time,Guest Posting we would see that animals have always been on this planet since time immemorial. But, suddenly, human being appeared on it differing from them all. The secret of how it really has been about the inception of man from the outset of his existence is shrouded in mystery, which mankind as a whole is forbidden to know.
     Everything material has it's cause in a thought, in a wish of a thinking being, the idea of which will form the matter. On the other way round, it is also the matter that forms the idea of the being.
     In the beginning there were powerful Beings taking their part in the creation of our Earth in accordance with the Creator (the Ruler of our Universe), subordinated to the GreatCreator (the Ruler of all the Rulers) and it's whole AllOrganism (all the universes together creating one giant organism inside of which we all live).
     What has left on our planet after all the ages are two kinds of human(oid) souls. One came from the upper (and more or less neutral) spiritual source of humanity - so-called “normal human souls” and the other from what we call the Hell - so-called demoniacal humanoid souls. The normal human souls were developing themselves by living on the Earth, whereas some of them were elected to enter the Holy Land (the Kingdom of God) after their death, and other were good enough to enter a true Nature (still good place even though lower than that designed for the elected). Both these places are located in parallel world(s), of course.
     The Holy Council (mighty and perfect superhuman Beings subordinated to the Creator, which are in charge of people) is gathering all the (s)elected normal human souls in it's better worlds and it wants to make a true human nation of them living in a Holy Land, which is a Paradise. However, the demoniacal nation that came from the Hell ("the other kind") would be decreased if not destroyed as soon as all the (s)elected normal human souls started their new life in the Paradise, which is the Kingdom of God.
     The dark and damned demoniacal nation needs to steal the elected souls, which would be accepted by the Holy Council as well as souls of some of the best people in order to divert the Coming of the Kingdom of God. The reason is that that as soon as the God's Kingdom would be established and human life ceased to exist on the Earth, the Hellish world would be condemned. That is why all the Devil's servants must steal those "pleasant to the God" and other they steal to feed on their souls. And they try to keep this fact secret.
     It is the reason why all the demoniacal humanoids must lie to all the normal people so much, mainly in the field of the oldest history and religions. In order to be allowed to do all the bad things, which it is doing, their damned nation had set up a special way of how to treat all the normal people in the way to prevent them from knowing the truth about them themselves and about all the evil that is done to them:
     They were given a false hope for happiness after the death or at least a false feeling of safety about what happens after it in the meaning that nobody told them how big an evil can meet them, hatred and wars between particular countries to become convinced that there is no integrated hidden dark nation living in them all, such an entertainment and literature giving them a lot of unsuitable information and making them mostly think and feel to an incorrect direction and by an improper way. Perfect pretence and special psychological attitude are used to globally and successfully manipulate with all the normal people of this world in order to make them remain misinformed.
     During the last several hundred years the percentage of normal people has been decreasing and the percentage of demoniacal humanoids has been increasing. So within the last ages the ratio between the dark people and us normal ones changed to our disadvantage. Sad to say, during the last centuries these Devil's servants have already confiscated a lot of souls that could be here today together with us.

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