Vaikunta Ekadasi- What is the Significance Behind the Celebration

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We provide Vaikunta Ekadasi Significance & Celebration for detail manner.

Vaikunta Ekadashi,Guest Posting also known as Mukkoti Ekadashi, is a significant festivity in South India. The day happens in the month of Dhanurmasam (December-January) as the Sun runs in the Dhanu Rashi. Temples like Tirupati Balaji, Srirangam Sri Ranganatha, Bhadrachalam, which are at different places in South India, celebrate the Ekadashi on a grand level.

It is very much believed that on this day, Lord Vishnu opens up the gates of heaven. Devotees who worship Lord Vishnu and pass through the abode gate made in temples seek Moksha after this lifetime. They become free from the cycle of life and death and reside in the Vishnu abode as a result of their good karmas.

Different temples in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana open this special gate only on Vaikunta Ekadasi. The queue of devotees encircles the altar of Lord Vishnu while passing through the gate.

Observing fast on the Day

Devotees who keep fast on this day attain the benefits of all Ekadashis that fall in Krishna and Shukla Paksha. However, the Vrats are observed like any other Ekadashi during which people can consume one meal only. Those who observe fasting more strictly avoid having any food items. Also, one must not pluck Tulsi leaves on this day; if needed, it should be done a day before.

It is prohibited to consume rice on any Ekadashi since it is believed as the home of the demon on Ekadashi. People also stay awake all night, and they indulge in Bhajana and Kirtan or chant the Mahamantra of Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

One should not sleep during the daytime, and if possible, watch the all-night reading stories related to Lord Vishnu. The Vrat should be broken the next day, on Dwadasi after performing the Puja, and donating food to the poor.

Mythological Connection Behind Vaikunta Ekadasi

As the Padma Purana indicates, Ekadashi is the female energy of Lord Vishnu that once saved Lord Vishnu from the irrational and murderous act of the demon Muran. This happened during the month of Margazhi when the Sun was in Sagittarius or DhanuRashi.

The legend states that Muran, a demon, was spreading his domination in heaven and among the Gods-like. Unable to bear his oppression, all Devas approached Lord Shiva, who then directed them to Lord Vishnu. Vishnu attended the Gods-like and decided to terminate the demon forever.

The war went on between Lord Vishnuand the demon Muran. However, it was getting challenging to triumph over the demon. Lord Vishnu then took a break from the war and went to a cave to prepare an upgraded and mighty weapon. One night when Lord Vishnu was slumbering, the demon exposed the gut to outbreak Lord Vishnu.

Right away, the female energy from within Lord Vishnu took her form and slain the demon into pieces on the ground. Lord Vishnu, when realized the life-saving act of her energy, he gave her the name “Ekadashi.” He also gave her the boon that whoever will worship her and go through the gate of abode will attain Moksha or the abode of Vishnu.

Since then, to seek salvation from the materialistic world, devotees worship Lord Vishnu on this very day. Plus, they stay awake the whole night, read the mythological stories about Vishnu, and observe fast with utmost devotion. Observing fast on this single day has the power to offer the devotees the effects of all the Ekadashis together.

Fasting cleanses our minds as we become able to fight our shallow thoughts and ill-words that we use for others. Even it is just for a day, by fasting, we remind ourselves that we don’t have to bring negative thoughts. Here our Rajasic and Tamasic qualities are a depiction of the demon Muran that we need to defeat with the light of positivity and the vibe of devotion we receive while fasting on Vaikunta Ekadasi.

Let the feeling of lust, arrogance, and anger diminish this Ekadashi. Observe the fast on VaikuntaEkadasi and receive the blessings of Lord Vishnu in your life. Let your mind be in the service of Vishnu!

Astropedia brings you information about different fasting rules on different days. Go to their Weekly Fasting page and explore more.

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Astropedia brings you information about different fasting rules on different days. Go to their Weekly Fasting page and explore more.


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