11 Ways To Elevate Your Sales

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1. Make your offer hard to resist by offering a limited time savings on your product, or by ... free bonuses such as ebooks you have the resell rights to, one on one ... or a special sur

1. Make your offer hard to resist by offering a limited time savings on your product,Guest Posting or by providing free bonuses such as ebooks you have the resell rights to, one on one consulting, or a special surprise bonus.

2. Take the risk out of purchasing your product by offering your visitors a strong money back guarantee.

3. Eliminate your visitors skepticism about your product by letting them try it before they buy it.

Give your visitors access to the first couple of chapters of your informational product, or give them a free trial of your product if you offer a software product or promotional resource.

4. If you run a business where your customers pay a subscription fee (i.e., ad tracking, hosting, or a marketing resource site) you can also charge your visitors a nominal fee to try out your product.

This will attract people that are truly interested in your product, and that are willing to spend money if your product meets their needs.

Encourage your visitors take you up on your offer by offering them a no hassle money back guarantee.

5. Provide testimonials on your site from people that have liked and benefited from your products. Further increase the power of these testimonials by providing a link to their site.

6. Increase your visitors trust in you by publishing a page that tells your visitors about you and your company, by publishing your privacy policy on your site, and by listing your business address and phone number on your site.

7. Provide a "tell a friend" form on your site, and cash in on traffic that your visitors send you.

8. Use autoresponders to follow up with your visitors.

Choose autoresponders that allow you to personalize your messages, that automatically take care of subscribes and unsubcribes, and that allow you to mass mail to your opt in list so that you can run an ezine.

Autoresponders are also great tools that you can use to offer your visitors free email courses. Like your ezine make your courses useful and informative. This will create more trust between you and your visitors and increase your sales.

9. Promote your business in targeted ezines by purchasing classified ads, top sponsor ads or solo ads.

Always track how well your advertising does so that you will know exactly which ezines are best to continue advertising in, and so that you will know if you need to make changes to your ad.

10. Be helpful to your visitors.

Answer your visitors questions with an attitude of being helpful and you will be able develop a good rapport and trust with your visitors. This will lead to more sales and more repeat purchases from your customers.

11. Provide an affiliate program for your visitors and customers to join.

Your affiliate program can generate a substantial added income as your affiliates successfully promote your products or services.

View your affiliate program as a partnership between you and your affiliates. Provide tons of things they can use to promote your products such as classified ads, rebrandable ebooks, your articles, or your marketing courses.

Also provide sample testimonials that your affiliates who have bought your product can use or get ideas from and encourage them to recommend your products on their site or to their subscribers.

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